Renfrew homicide: 1 dead, suspect on the run after shooting in Ontario

In recent news, one person has been reported to have lost their life following a shooting in Renfrew, Ontario. He must read this article and continue reading for more details. Follow us to know all the ideas. One reportedly killed in the Renfrew shooting, the suspect remains at large. Ontario Provincial Police are currently investigating a fatal shooting in the town of Renfrew, Ontario on Friday night. Police officers were called to a house on Virmy Boulevard shortly before 10:30 p.m. Friday, the OPP said in a statement. Upon arrival, the police said they had found a person with gunshot wounds. They were rushed to the hospital where they were thereafter pronounced dead.

However, the suspect fled before officers arrived, OPP said. No arrests had been announced as of 7:30 pm The OPP issued a public safety warning for the city early Saturday morning, but it has since been lifted. Police say they believe the victim was attacked and that the shooting is an isolated incident. Although they have not yet been identified. Asked why information about the suspect had not been released, the OPP said it could not provide details that would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.

*UPDATE* The public safety message issued to Renfrew this morning has been lifted. The occurrence is believed to be a specific and isolated incident. Please, call to #RenfrewOPP at 1-888-310-1122 / #crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS if you have any information. ^jm

— OPP Eastern Region (@OPP_ER) May 20, 2023

Also, residents should expect to see a heavy police presence in the area of ​​the shooting, police said. Marianne Moseley, a neighbor, said she first learned about the shooting last night after receiving a call from a friend telling her to look outside. From her front steps, Moseeley said she could see several police cars and ambulances. She watched a person being carried out of a house on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance as she drove away from her.

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Public safety warning. On May 19, 2023, late in the afternoon, a shooting occurred in the town of Renfrew. A deceased victim. The suspect is not in custody. Be aware of the high police presence. Ongoing research. Media updates to follow. ^br

— OPP East Region (@OPP_ER) May 20, 2023

He added that this incident is the most serious thing that has happened to him in 6 years. She said that the house where the incident occurred has been a troubled house for some time. Another neighbor stated that she fears for her safety and did not reveal her name to us. Hopefully this will be the last of the chaos over there. Renfrew Mayor Tom Sidney said some people in the city are scared and concerned after learning of the shooting, adding that there are concerns about an increase in gun violence in the area.

Renfrew Homicide

Sidney said that from her perspective, they don’t tolerate violence and basically that was more than enough. Incidents like these don’t happen very often in Renfrew. He added that it’s not something they’re familiar with, which makes it more difficult for residents because it’s not something they’re used to. While it’s natural for people to want to know more about what happened, Sidney said people shouldn’t jump to conclusions. OPP said the investigation is ongoing. Renfrew is located approximately 100 kilometers west of downtown Ottawa.

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