Rep. Claudia Tenney pressures Congress to hold Energy Secretary responsible for impeachment injury: “colossal ego”

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) on Thursday implored Congress to open an impeachment investigation into Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for her alleged false statements to Congress about her stock ownership.

“Secretary Granholm admitted to lying to Congress under oath and committing perjury,” Tenney said in a statement obtained by The Post.

“Perjury gives Congress clear grounds for impeachment. This is yet another example of the colossal ego and arrogance of the Biden administration that Americans most despise. “It is time for Secretary Granholm to be held accountable for these clear crimes and conflicts of interest.”

Tenney, 62, announced his research push during a House Science, Space and Technology Committee hearing.

In April, Granholm told Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) that he did not own individual stocks.

Claudia TenneyClaudia Tenney reviewed a list of ethical violations committed by the energy secretary. CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

She was later forced to correct that testimony in a June letter to Congress, in which she revealed that she owned stock in six companies worth about $120,000 at the time of her April testimony.

Granholm also said she had discovered in May that her husband owned $2,457.89 worth of stock in Ford Motor Company. Since then, both Granholm and her husband have divested themselves of all of her shares.

During Thursday’s hearing, the Energy Secretary insisted she had made an honest mistake.

Jennifer GranholmJennifer Granholm, the former governor of Michigan, responded that she had no intention of violating ethics rules.

“Of course I don’t think it’s okay to violate ethics laws. Neither does anyone else at the Department of Energy,” Granholm said during a heated exchange with Tenney.

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“I made a mistake when I testified saying I had sold all the shares. “I honestly thought so.”

Tenney also pointed out Granholm’s alleged violations of the Hatch Act, referring to the law that prevents public officials from engaging in political activities.

Jennifer GranholmThe Energy Secretary was also questioned over a summer issue in which her team reportedly hijacked an electric vehicle charging station during their four-day road trip.

“Since taking office in January 2021, Secretary Granholm has violated the Hatch Act multiple times,” Tenney said during the hearing.

Granholm, 64, had expressed support for Democrats while working in his official capacity, but was released with a warning.

Granholm struggled to speak as Tenney scolded her for a litany of ethical concerns.

Claudia TenneyThe Republican congresswoman called on Congress to hold Jennifer Granholm accountable.Getty Images

“She owned shares in Proterra while her boss, President Biden, repeatedly touted the company. “Her husband owned shares in Ford and she personally promoted the work of the companies with official resources,” Tenney added.

The former Michigan governor also came under fire after it was revealed that her staff used a gasoline-powered vehicle to hijack an electric vehicle charging station during a four-day road trip to promote the administration’s green energy initiatives.

“Granholm has made our lives unaffordable and pushed a radical green energy agenda, while lining his pockets off the backs of the American people,” Tenney said in his statement. “Enough is enough.”

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