Rep. Lauren Boebert Removed from Texas Conservative Youth Summit Bill After ‘Beetlejuice’ Scoring Debacle

Rep. Lauren Boebert was removed from the bill at a conservative Christian youth summit following an incident in which she was kicked out of a Denver theater for getting handsy with her date and vaping, according to a video of the event.

The 36-year-old Republican congresswoman from Colorado has been removed from advertising for the Texas Youth Summit, scheduled for later this month, according to her online branding.

The rescinded speaking slot is the latest fallout for Boebert, who is in the midst of a divorce from her husband, Jayson, after video emerged of the official being escorted out of a “Beetlejuice” performance in Denver earlier this month. .

Footage of the incident showed Boebert, a far-right conservative, rubbing the crotch of his date, bar co-owner Quinn Gallagher, while he in turn fondled her breasts.

Additionally, she was seen vaping and taking selfies before the couple was asked to leave the cinema.

On her way out, Boebert apparently asked the staff, “Do you know who I am?” before turning them over.

Boebert appeared in event flyers before her groping incident. Texas Youth Summit via KHOU
As of Monday, the Colorado congresswoman had been removed from office, KHOU-TV reported.As of Monday, the Colorado congresswoman had been removed from office, KHOU-TV reported. Texas Youth Summit

Before her obscene behavior was caught on camera, Boebert had been featured prominently as a key speaker at the Texas summit and as part of a VIP reception.

Last year, Boebert took the stage at the same summit with a gun strapped to her thigh to speak to an audience of young people ages 12 to 26.

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Everything to Know About Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Divorce Saga

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert filed for divorce from her husband in May, prompting the congresswoman to re-enter the dating scene.

In September, Boebert and her date, Aspen bar co-owner Quinn Gallagher, were kicked out of the family’s performance of “Beetlejuice” at Denver’s Buell Theater after she blew a plume of vaping smoke into the air, but the footage They also showed the mother of four children. her touching her crotch in the middle of the show.

Following the debacle, the congresswoman attributed her behavior to her “public and difficult divorce” and then announced that “all future date nights have been cancelled” between her and the bar owner.

Jayson, her now-estranged husband of 18 years, took “full responsibility” for “the breakdown of our marriage.”

“I appreciate Jayson’s candid comments. “This is a new season for us, both grace and prayers for our family are welcomed by all,” the Republican firebrand told the Daily Beast.


The youth summit, which in previous years has featured a cross on its stage, says its goal is to spread Christian values ​​among young people.

“We are working to educate young people with conservative and, most importantly, Judeo-Christian values, so that they have the right worldview when they go to college or when they are in high school, because of what the left is doing. ”said summit founder Christian Collins.

Footage from last year's summit shows Boebert with a gun strapped to her leg.Footage from last year’s summit shows Boebert with a gun strapped to her leg.John Mone/Twitter

Facebook users noted that the summit removed Boebert from all of its advertising. “I wonder if they’re reconsidering,” Henry Whitham said in a Facebook post.

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“Despite all her crying about sexual harassment, she has no problem grooming children in a theater so they think public groping is acceptable,” the tongue-in-cheek post continued.

Boebert has previously accused transgender officials and left-wing politicians of grooming children.

Boebert is no longer listed as a speaker at the Texas Youth Summit. Boebert is no longer listed as a speaker at the Texas Youth Summit. Texas Youth Summit via KHOU
The event will be September 28 in The Woodlands, Texas, north of Houston.The event will be September 28 in The Woodlands, Texas, north of Houston. Texas Youth Summit

Boebert, 36, initially denied vaping inside the theater before surveillance footage was released.

The mother of four also broke up with her “Beetlejuice” date, Gallagher, 46, saying she would not date him again.

Meanwhile, Jayson was quick to defend her, asking people not to judge her and noting that she is going through a “difficult, public divorce” after 18 years of marriage and describing her as “an exceptional wife, mother and now grandmother.”

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