Republican candidate Brad Benson arrested on child pornography charges one day before Election Day

A Republican candidate for Texas City Council was arrested Monday on the eve of Election Day on charges of two felony counts of possession of child pornography.

Brad Benson, a longtime volunteer firefighter and film director in Granbury, a city southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth, was taken into custody Monday, the Hood County Republican Party said in a statement.

Benson was a Republican candidate for Seat 4 on the Granbury City Council in Tuesday’s election.

“Based on the limited information available, we understand that a serious sex-related crime may be involved. “If these allegations are true, there is no way the party would condone such activity,” the party said.

The Hood County Republican Party withdrew its support for Benson after additional details about the charges emerged.

Brad Benson, Republican candidate for Place 4 on the Granbury City Council, was arrested Monday on two counts of possession of child pornography.

“Crimes of this degree tear at the heart and soul of society, and we condemn them in the strongest terms,” ​​a second statement from the party said. “The Republican Party stands for conservative family values ​​and the protection of children. “These heinous acts are the antithesis of what Republicans stand for.”

Benson described himself on his campaign site as a gay man and “a genuine conservative, both fiscally and ideologically.”

According to his social media, he was running on a platform that would prioritize infrastructure upgrades, reduce the city’s operating budget and improve the city’s fire department.

Benson was arrested Monday, hours before Election Day. bensongranbury/Instagram

A slogan at the top of Benson’s campaign website reads: “Conservative, Texan, no nonsense.”

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Between 30 and 40 cars were seen at Benson’s home around 6 a.m. Monday as law enforcement officers conducted a raid, Hood County News reported, citing an anonymous source.

State troopers and plainclothes agents were seen swarming his residence and searching Benson’s truck and rig.

Benson was charged with two counts of felony possession of child pornography in the first degree.

At one point, someone came out of the house with a brown paper bag that they handed to a police officer, according to the outlet.

Benson was charged with two counts of felony possession of child pornography in the first degree. His bail was set at $100,000 each.

He faced Charles Beard and Gary “Skip” Overdier, both also conservatives, for the city council seat.

Benson’s campaign has not commented on her arrest. Brad Benson for Granbury City Council/Facebook

“I pray for all the children who may have been hurt as a result of Brad Benson’s actions, if they are true,” Beard wrote online following news of the charges against Benson. “Child pornography is a disease and will forever harm its victims for life. “I ask you to commission your angels to watch over these victims.”

Benson’s campaign has not addressed his arrest.

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