Rescue Gone Wrong: Woman Climbs Risky Cliff To Save Pet Parrot, Ends Up Stuck As Bird Flies Back To Safety

A parrot owner regretted her life choices after she climbed up a treacherous cliff to save her pet parrot. The woman was stuck high on the cliffs of Glyder Fawr, above Cwm Idwal, at the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, UK. Soon, the rescue team was called to aid the woman stuck after her pet parrot was gone and decided to come back to safety on its own.

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Wales Woman Gets Stuck On Cliff Trying To Rescue Pet Parrot

Woman Climbs Cliff To Rescue Parrot Ends Up StuckFacebook

The accident happened on a dangerous cliff on the first day of summer vacation. Fortunately, the rescue mission didn’t have any big surprises, and they were able to bring the woman and her bird, along with another who had accompanied her on the rescue mission, to safety.

The pictures of the rescue were shared on Facebook by the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organization, along with an explanation of what happened. The lady was with a bunch of people who owned parrots, and they were having a nice walk by the scenic beauty of the cliffs. 

The Pleasant Walk Turned Into Her Worst Nightmare

Woman Climbs Cliff To Rescue Parrot Ends Up StuckFacebook

However, the nice walk soon turned into their worst nightmare when, out of nowhere, a peregrine falcon attacked them, scaring one of the parrots, which resulted in it flying away. The woman got upset and worried about her pet, but she bravely decided to chase after the parrot.

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She was unaware that her ambitious rescue mission on the high cliffs of Glyder Fawr could land her in danger. The rescuers informed, “Unfortunately, the parrot decided freedom was great and flew back down to the group unassisted, leaving the owner and her second bird now stuck.”

The post added, “The Maritime and Coastguard Agency and teams in North Wales Mountain Rescue Association, a hill party, climbed up to the base of the cliffs and belayed a team member up to her location to make her safe.”

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