Saskia Niño de Rivera, who is she, sister and return of the ‘Calcetitas Rojas’ case

The case of ‘Calcetitas Rojas’ returned after content creator Saskia Niño de Rivera interviewed the girl’s mother. Here more details:

Saskia Niño de Rivera has become a trend in Mexico because she interviewed the mother of the girl known as ‘Calcetitas Rojas’, this caused the feminicide activist, Verónica Villalbazo, better known as ‘Frida Guerrero’ to explode.

And Saskia premiered a new podcast called ‘Penitencia’, where she interviewed Yadira Medina Pichardo, mother of the girl named Guadalupe, who died in March 2017.

It should be noted that Yadira and Pablo, who was her husband, are sentenced to 88 years in prison for the crime against Guadalupe, their five-year-old daughter, who was found dead in the El Sol neighborhood, in Nezahualcóyotl.

The girl was wearing red socks, a garment for which she was named, as the minor was not immediately identified. The case was covered in the media and Frida Guerrero followed it up.

Months after the investigation, Yadira and Pablo Rodríguez were arrested and identified as those responsible for the crime against Lupita. The judge ordered that the girl be registered as Guadalupe Medina Pichardo, since she did not have a birth certificate.

According to statements, the girl went to the bathroom and this upset her stepfather, who hit her. Seeing her lifeless body, they both wrapped her in a blanket and abandoned her body in the wasteland of Neza.

Interview by Saskia Niño de Rivera with Yadira

Years after being consigned to the Neza-Bordo prison, Yadira gave an interview to Saskia Niño de Rivera, who has interviewed people with a criminal history.

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The creator announced that the interview will be available on her new podcast, however, this was criticized by Frida Guerrero, who mentioned that she is lending a microphone to the woman who is re-victimizing her daughter.

You suck, Saskia Niño de Rivera“wrote the activist on her social networks. To which the content creator responded: “Dear Frida Guerrera, wait until the full chapter comes out so you don’t get burned and at least do the feint that you document before having an opinion, or, what you do best, hit for the sake of hitting. Greetings“, he expressed.

Who is Saskia Niño de Rivera?

Saskia Niño de Rivera is an activist, co-founder and spokesperson for the organization Reinserta. She has 15 years of experience in the prison system and crisis management, and she also has a degree in psychology.

In his podcast ‘Deprived of Liberty’ he usually talks about people who live in prison through his testimonies.

Who is your sister?

Saskia’s sister is called Sofía and unlike her relative, she is a stand-up comedian and Mexican actress, and in 2016 she was named Mexico City’s woman of the year by Chilango magazine.

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