Security Guard Who Claimed Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill Called Him N-word Revealed to be a White Man

The hotel security guard who claimed former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill assaulted him and called him N during a dispute in Texas was revealed to be a white man, The Post has learned.

Johnny Loomis, 61, a loss prevention officer at The Omni Hotel in Frisco, claimed O’Neill made derogatory comments and punched him after he passed out at the hotel bar on Aug. 23.

The security guard helped O’Neill back to the fifth floor when the melee began, according to Frisco Police Department documents.

O’Neill, who claims to have fired the fatal shots that killed Osama bin Laden, was trying to open the hotel room door with his credit card when he allegedly “hit Johnny in the chest with his right palm.”

The former special operations agents then “called Johnny a ‘fucking n-er,'” the police arrest warrant states. The order also states that Loomis is a white man.

The jail booking photo released by the Frisco Police Department after O’Neill’s arrest on August 23. Frisco Police Department

The guard managed to get away from the former SEAL Team Six member, considered among the most elite fighters in the world, and asked the hotel to call 911.

“Johnny said he would be scheduled for heart surgery soon,” the order said.

Loomis was evaluated by doctors and released. Police arriving at the hotel photographed Loomis’ injuries, which left red marks on his chest, to use as evidence.

O’Neill, who was in Texas to participate in a podcast, told police he drank “too much” alcohol and admitted he barely remembered arriving at the hotel.

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“[He] He said he was disappointed in himself and that it was his fault that he was arrested and that he may be a ‘jerk,’” wrote an officer who interviewed O’Neill at the jail.

Robert O'NeillO’Neill had previously been arrested on drunken driving charges in Montana that were later dropped.

However, when officers asked O’Neill about hitting the security guard or using the N-word, his demeanor changed.

“Robert claimed he didn’t hit Johnny with his palm because he doesn’t hit people; “He said he would have strangled Johnny,” the police report reads. “Robert said Johnny was ‘full of s**t’ and he believed it was a money grab.”

He also joked that he “should have robbed a luxury store because he would have gotten away with it.”

Robert O'NeillO’Neill listed his occupation as “perpetrator” in his arrest report in Texas. Robert O’Neill / Facebook

O’Neill has vehemently denied using racist language.

“I have served my country with honor and pride for half my life in battles around the world, standing shoulder to shoulder with men of all races, religions and sexual orientations,” O’Neill told The Post.

“Skin color doesn’t matter when life is at stake. The idea that I would use a racial slur against someone is so absurd, beyond offensive not only to me but to all my brothers who have served and fought with me; “I deny it in the strongest terms.”

Robert O'NeillIn his 2017 memoir, O’Neill took credit for his role in the killing of Bin Laden.Facebook

The police report notes that there are no cameras in the hotel hallway where the alleged attack took place.

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The former SEAL rose to public prominence after taking credit for firing the shots that killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden during a covert raid in 2011. O’Neill told his story in his 2017 memoir, “The Operator.”

The US government has never confirmed or denied the story.

Osama bin Laden.The US government has never publicly confirmed or denied that O’Neill shot and killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden.Sygma via Getty Images

The 47-year-old man was arrested and jailed last week in the Dallas suburb. He was charged with a Class A misdemeanor of assault causing bodily injury and a Class C misdemeanor of public intoxication.

He has since been released from jail and celebrated his wedding anniversary over the weekend.

The alcohol-fueled incident is O’Neill’s latest run-in with the law.

In 2016, he was arrested for drunk driving in Montana. The charges were later dropped, CBS News reported.

In 2020, Delta Airlines banned the outspoken veterinarian for refusing to wear a mask on the plane.

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