SEE: Don Lemon comments on Nikki Haley video controversy explained

The recent news about Don Lemon and Nikki Haley seem to create controversy on the Internet. They seem to be very interested in this matter. The public is surfing the Internet to learn more about this controversy. It’s been a while since this incident happened. The public seems to be very interested in this matter. They are not only interested in the controversy but also in his personal life. They are surfing the internet not only because of the controversy, but also to find out more about them and what happens to them after this incident. To find out more on this matter, keep scrolling and find out what the CNN host has to say about the presidential candidate.

Don Lemon comments on Nikki Haley’s video

After 17 years with the network, Don Lemon announced his termination from CNN on Monday (April 24). Don and CNN have parted ways, according to a statement from the network. “Don will always remain a member of the CNN family and we appreciate all he has done for us over the past 17 years. We send him our best wishes and we will support him in his future activities. Lemon described himself as “stunned” by the decision, which came two months after the journalist came under fire for comments he made about Nikki Haley on air. Even the 2023 Oscars brought up the issue when Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh criticized Lemon’s comments in her acceptance speech.

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The Don Lemon and Nikki Haley controversy explained

In a segment on CNN This Morning in February, Lemon advised Haley that because of her own age, she shouldn’t criticize the age of politicians. Indian-American Haley, 51, is the first woman of color to be a frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. “I think the aging discussion is uncomfortable in general. I think it’s the wrong course to take. She claims that certain individuals, politicians or otherwise, are past their prime, Lemon added. Sorry, Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime right now. When a woman is in her twenties, thirties and possibly forties, she is considered to be in her prime.

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Lemon issued a statement apologizing for her “false and irrelevant” comments, which many people deemed “sexist” and “misogynistic” in response to criticism from her co-host, Poppy Harlow. Chris Licht, CNN’s chief executive, told staff that after receiving “formal training,” Lemon will return to the morning show. “To my network, my colleagues and our incredible audience, I’m sorry,” Lemon later apologized. I have listened to you, I am taking what you have told me very seriously and I am determined to improve. We will speak soon.

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