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In this article we are going to talk about the famous rapper Isaiah Rashad. There is a rumor that he is gay. Famous American rapper Isaiah Rashad is well known for being a founding member of the Chattanooga hip-hop group The House. Rashad has previously collaborated with several well-known names in the hip-hop communities, including Smoke DZA, Joey Badass, and Juicy J. In addition, Isaiah released his debut studio album, The Sun’s Tirade, in 2016, reaching its top position of number 17 on the Billboard 200. Nelly, Smile, Lay wit Ya and Why Worry are some of Rashad’s best-known singles. The rapper, for his part, is not only known for his creative efforts, but has also been embroiled in controversy in the past over a private film leak.

Leaked video of Isaiah Rashad

In 2022, the leaked images of Isaiah Rashad became popular. On February 9, 2022, the private recording of him was leaked and quickly became popular on various social media sites. Rashad was seen engaging in an intimate encounter with two men in the popular video. After that, everyone started spreading the video, which led to misunderstandings about Isaiah’s sexual orientation. Many of the videos that were widely shared on Twitter have since been removed, but some of them can still be found. Rashad was having an intimate moment with two men, as stated above. Because of this, his sexuality has remained a hot topic, but Rashad has already spoken candidly about it with the media.

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Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad’s tape went viral

No, Isaiah Rashad is not gay. However, when a private film of him with two men was leaked in 2022, questions were raised about his sexual orientation. Joe Budden and Rashad had an interview in May 2022. Isaiah revealed during the interview that he has been contemplating his sexuality for the past two years and that he now considers himself sexually fluid. When his personal video was posted online in 2022, Isaiah Rashad became the center of debate. While others even showed massive support, several made jokes about the rapper.

Leaked video of Isaiah Rashad

Rashad took the opportunity at Coachella 2022 to open up about the invasion of his privacy. He started talking about the video at that point. Before performing at Coachella, Isaiah played a video montage of the overwhelmingly positive responses he had received in response to the viral tape from the likes of The Game, Boosie and Joe Budden. So, that was all for this article, so stay tuned for PKB news.

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