See photos: Strawberry Moon’s enchanting glow lights up night skies around the world

As it lights up the night sky, the Strawberry Moon has drawn people from all over the world. People rushed to social media to share their incredible images of this lunar event.

The strawberry moon, or the pink moon or honeymoon, is a June full moon. It got its name from the Native American tribes who associated it with the start of the strawberry season. The Strawberry Moon appeared in the night sky on June 4 of this year.

The magnificent glow of the moon painted the darkness as it reached its brightest, producing a mesmerizing sight for sky watchers everywhere. The warm golden tint of the moon created an ethereal atmosphere, casting wonderful shadows on the field.

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A night of astral beauty: Strawberry Moon lights up the skies around the world, the Internet is rocked

The strawberry full moon rising at Stonehenge this morning 😍🍓🌕🌙✨ photo credit 📷 Stonehenge Dronescapes on FB #strawberry #strawberrymoon #Full moon #moon #stonehenge

— Stonehenge UK (@ST0NEHENGE) June 4, 2023

A Stonehenge UK Twitter page shared the photos on the official handle with the caption: “Strawberry full moon rising at Stonehenge this morning 😍🍓🌕🌙✨ photo credit 📷 Stonehenge Dronescapes on FB.”

According to CNN, the strawberry moon has nothing to do with the color of the full moon in June, but is tied to historical traditions. It was named by Native American tribes “to mark the ripening of ‘June’ strawberries that are ready to be picked,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which also notes that “June is a time of great abundance for many” such as flowers bloom and the early fruit ripens.

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The published photographs demonstrated the originality and brilliance of photographers and sky enthusiasts from around the world. Photographers cleverly framed photos of the moon nestled among the clouds, while others focused on the reflection of the moon in calm bodies of water. Some photographers even photographed the moon in familiar locations, giving the celestial spectacle a new perspective.

People were able to interact and share their wonder and gratitude for the Strawberry Moon through the power of social media. Through hashtags and posts, users praised the beauty of this heavenly spectacle. Shared photos became a virtual gallery, giving users a glimpse of the unique experience.

The strawberry moon reminds us of the beauty and wonder of nature. It serves as a reminder to take a moment to stop, look up, and marvel at the celestial wonders unfolding above us. The Strawberry Moon’s beautiful glow will live on as people continue to share their stunning photos, prompting others to gaze at the night sky with greater awe and respect.

Here are some amazing photos

what a great reason to wake up and bake.

-red_z (@redz67229642) June 4, 2023

Strawberry Moon 🍓 rising over West Seattle tonight.

— Dr Yaacoub Hallak (@YNHallak) June 4, 2023

“The heavens declare the glory of GOD, and the firmament shows the work of his hands. Day after day, they speak of Him, and night after night, they show His knowledge! There is no place where His voice is not heard!” #salmos19:1-3

— Monica Batch (@AuntyPrissy) June 4, 2023— Water (@NYCNYC289488) June 4, 2023

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