SEE: Video of Pushpal Roy HDFC Bank berating colleagues over targets goes viral

Amid controversy sparked by a video of a senior HDFC Bank executive named Mr. Pushpal Roy, the bank announced that he was fired for his unprofessional behavior towards employees. A video of Mr. Pushpal Roy reportedly went viral on the internet and gained traction among the audience, causing a stir. Meanwhile, HDFC’s senior executive, Mr. Pushpal Roy, received a great reaction. Ever since the video of him went viral, everyone has been discussing the mental pressure and unprofessional behavior issues at the company. He continues reading this article and knows what Mr. Pushpal Roy says in the viral video. Scroll down the page.

Pushpal Roy Video Bank HDFC

The viral video shows Pushpal Roy, who was working as a group manager at the Kolkata branch of the private bank, engaging in misconduct and yelling at the other bank employees. Mr. Pushpal Roy was using Bengali language to abuse other employees during an online meeting that was recorded and shared on social media. After the video was uploaded to the internet, it quickly went viral. People who belong to the banking and financial services industry or who have been on the receiving end of the service are well aware of the reality, that is why this incident has made a wake-up call for both society and the financial industry. in general. Scroll down the page.

Mr. Pushpal Roy’s video got huge popularity on the internet and has been shared thousands of times. Millions of people have seen it. As a result, people gave a big reaction to the senior executive who is yelling at other employees, which ultimately damaged HDFC Bank’s reputation. People show concern for Mr. Pushpal Roy and other people like Roy in this field. Eventually, the people raised their voices for immediate action against the top executive.

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A senior vice president at HDFC Bank is seen yelling at his employees for missing targets

Confirmed by a friend who understands Bengali, he is asking his junior to sell 75 insurance policies in one day🤯

Is it for this reason that these bank employees mistreat us with policies and investment products?

— CA Kanan Bahl (@BahlKanan) June 5, 2023

In response to the incident, HDFC Bank issued a statement announcing the immediate suspension of Mr. Pushpal Roy and launched an investigation into it. HDFC stated: “These bears reference a recent social media report. Based on a preliminary investigation into the matter, the employee in question has been suspended and an investigation has been launched to gather all relevant facts. At HDFC Bank we have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment or misconduct in the workplace and we strongly believe in treating all of our employees with dignity and respect,” the suspended senior executive had been working as a vice president for the past 16 years. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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