Smartphone sales drop 25 percent in the United States

Smartphone sales in the United States have fallen 25 percent overall due to the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to the same period last year, sales of smartphone brands in this country have decreased by between 10 and 68 percent this year.

Citing Counterpoint Research, according to Forbes, Samsung and Apple were the least affected by the pandemic. Apple’s sales are down 23 percent from last year. Samsung’s sales fell 10 percent.

On the other hand, ZTE is the one that has lost the most sales. LG sold 35 percent fewer and Motorola sold 62 percent fewer smartphones. Sales of the Chinese brand ZTE fell 68 percent.

Hanish Bhatia, a senior analyst at market research firm Counterpoint, said: “Samsung and Apple’s sales were higher than other brands due to their online marketing activity, which puts them in a better position in the market. general market”.

Amid the pandemic, smartphone sales soared after US citizens received their first economic incentive checks in late April. Then, as lockdowns eased, stores started to open and the smartphone market started to come back.

Based on the month-by-month calculation, April sales are down about 50 percent compared to last year. However, sales in June were up compared to June last year.

According to Counterpoint, the US smartphone market has also started to return to normal as lockdown is released.

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