Son of William Levy video? Who is Christopher Alexander and why is he trending on Tiktok?

Check out the alleged video of William Levy’s son and discover who Christopher Alexander is and why he is trending on Tiktok.

Christopher Alexander Levy is the son of William Levy who is trending on social networks for an alleged video, generating different opinions among fans.

Likewise, some accounts on the Tiktok platform claim that it is risque material, however, it is false, since so far there is no such content from Christopher on social networks.

On the contrary, on Tiktok there is a diversity of videos where Christopher’s great resemblance to his father is compared, since both are admired for their beauty.

In the videos on social networks, many women do not know how to choose which of the Levys is more handsome, accumulating thousands of views, comments and likes on social networks.

Who is Christopher Alexander Levy, son of William Levy?

Christopher Alexander Levy is the eldest son of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, who gains public attention due to his similar attractiveness to his father.

Likewise, Alexander was born on March 12, 2006, therefore, he has just turned 17 years old, which he celebrated with his parents, even though they have not been together since January 2022.

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“17 years ago! Happy birthday to my champion. I love you very much daddy. I am so proud of you. God bless you always and take care of you. And may it always give us good health. I love you!” William expressed on his Instagram.

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However, the young man is on his way to being a future model, since he is the “Clone” of his father. Likewise, he has more than a million followers on social networks.

Likewise, he stands out for his love of baseball, a sport that he has practiced since a very young age. Likewise, the young man has Cuban and Puerto Rican roots.

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