Steven Sheangshang Arrested: Man Allegedly Robbed Van At Gunpoint After Killing Officer

It is always necessary to know the details of the criminals around us. So that we can save ourselves and our loved ones from such creepy criminals. Now with the help of internet it is easy to get the details of criminals around us and people know how to save themselves from such people. At present, there are many people who are looking for information about the arrest of Kentucky Steven Sheangshang and we are here to inform our readers what charges are being filed against him.

Steven Sheangshang arrested

The case of this criminal has become a great topic of interest among readers and they seek to know each and every one of the details of the case, especially the information that brings it to the news. His name was in the news after the sad and terrifying shooting death of Deputy Caleb Conley. He found himself at the heart of the high-profile case. As the court proceeding progresses, he is taken into custody at the Fayette County Detention Center. Kentucky Officer Steven was killed on Interstate 75 in Scott County, and a 45-year-old man is in custody in this case.

Steven Sheangshang

As we mentioned, Steven Sheangshang is a native of Georgetown, Kentucky and is facing charges of shooting and murder. The cases of murder and shooting are on the rise and instead of decreasing, they are constantly increasing, which makes everyone anxious and worried about their safety. The suspected killer who murdered a 35-year-old, Deputy Caleb Conley, has reportedly been recognized. The suspect was already on the police wanted list and they were doing everything they could to arrest him.

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He was an extreme danger to the public and so the police searched everywhere for him. Prior to this case, Sheangshang was previously listed as Bluegrass Crime Stoppers Week’s Most Wanted Person for breaking into and robbing a garage without permission. He was wanted on second-degree search warrants. As Officer Conley began a routine traffic check, he reportedly shot her before fleeing the scene, leading to the sad and unfortunate tragedy.

This news is not only sad to hear but also makes us angry and people want strict action against the criminal. After shooting, Sheangshang reportedly moved to the residential area along the highway, where he stormed into a house while carrying a gun. He seized the family’s van, threatened the owner, and drove the van to Lexington. The suspect reportedly shot another individual at Rose & Jim’s Bar & Grill.

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