Stewart Rhodes family: Where is his ex-wife Tasha Adams? Explanation of the history of the divorce

In this article we are going to talk about Stewart Rhodes and his family. Currently, Stewart is viral on the internet because he is concerned about a certain controversy. He has been slapped with 18 years in prison. The Oath Keepers, one of the largest far-right anti-government militia groups in US history, was founded by Stewart Rhodes. The group’s list of ten orders they would not obey is meant to uphold the oaths its members swore when they joined the military or law enforcement. Stewart served in the US Army in the early 1990s, while Rhodes left the service in 1993 after suffering a serious injury to his left eye. Elmer Stewart Rhodes III was the birth name of Stewart Rhodes; he was born in Fresno, California, in the United States.

Stewart Rhodes Family

To this day, no information about Rhodes’s family has been released by any news outlet. As a result, the names of Stewart’s parents have not been released to the public. Rhodes divided his early years between Fresno and Nevada. Similar to how her ancestors were migrant farmworkers, Rhodes also shared a home with her mother and both of her grandparents. Rumor has it that Stewart’s father served in the US Marine Corps.

stewart rhodes

Tasha Adams and Stewart Rhodes were once married but are no longer together. Consequently, Stewart leads a simple life. In 1991, Stewart and Tasha crossed paths in Las Vegas. Tasha was just 18 years old at the time and was working at an Arthur Murray Dance facility. Rhodes, on the other hand, was a 25-year-old college student. They got married in 1994 after a three-year romance. During her marriage, Tasha even worked as an exotic dancer to help pay for Stewart’s tuition. Adams has said that Stewart was controlling and often critical of her and her children, which made the marriage difficult.

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stewart rhodes

As a result, Tasha filed for divorce in 2018 and accused Rhodes of physically and emotionally abusing her. They had six children together while married, including Dakota Adams, Sequoia Adams, and Sedona Adams. When Tasha learned that Stewart had been arrested in January 2022, she expressed her happiness. She spoke to Insider and expressed her delight at the conviction of her husband in connection with the Capitol riot on January 6. As far as we know, Rhodes has not been sentenced to 18 years in prison, and in response, his ex-wife claimed that if given a pardon, Rhodes could conspire once more. So this was all about this case. Therefore, he stays tuned for PKB news.

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