Strange Researcher Find: Major Landmark Supposedly Conceals Huge Spacecraft

One intriguing claim comes from a UFO seeker named Ross Coulthart, who says that there is a large spacecraft below a significant landmark that is supposedly too big to carry. This is what he shared.

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A man claims that a huge UFO is hidden under a major landmark

The author of the book In Plain Sight said in an interview with the YouTube channel ‘Project Unity’ that this ‘non-human’ ship is hidden under a specifically designed building. He even claims to know exactly where it is, despite originally finding it implausible when he first found out. However, his accusations have infuriated the UFO hunting community, which is eager to uncover the hidden location.

The community has now spawned a plethora of theories. Some believe the massive disaster is hidden in South Korea. Tyler Rogoway, an aviation professional, believes otherwise. He argues that a specific location is more likely to be an air defense facility.

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Coulthart has a history of making headlines in the UFO community. He made waves in June when he interviewed a whistleblower who claimed that the US military not only has the bodies of many crashed planes, but also the bodies of crew members.

The US government is taking these charges so seriously that a government hearing could be held to explore them further in the coming weeks.

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Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) have been sighted over nuclear power plants and military bases in the United States.

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Additionally, Coulhart cited classified videos of spherical UFOs flying alongside US military aircraft during training exercises in February. These unexplained anomalous phenomena, or UAPs, have been seen over nuclear power plants and military bases in the United States, as well as in the Middle East.

Coulthart urges that these sightings be separated from the hundreds of UAPs that have long been causing problems for the Pentagon. Coulthart made these claims after four objects were detected in the sky, one of which was the Chinese spy balloon.

According to Coulthart, video of these items has not yet been made public. “I have interviewed pilots on the east and west coasts of the United States who literally looked out of the cockpit of their plane and saw spherical objects on their right wing,” she said. They videotaped them and handed them over to their commanders, and those tapes are still classified.”

The video also hinted that personnel at an Air Force Base in the United States are allegedly working on a large black triangular craft. Additionally, there are claims of direct knowledge of recovered non-human technology and crash recoveries.

Congress is urged to take action based on firsthand witness evidence. The importance of David Grush’s testimony is emphasized, as he was reviewed by the intelligence community’s Inspector General before being referred to Congress. Regardless, there is a need for serious investigative journalism and funding to further explore the UFO phenomenon.

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