Sustainable Living: Couple Builds Ecological House Without Cement And Bricks

Don’t we all want to live in our dream home with our families? In a world full of concrete structures, a couple chose to live in the most sustainable way possible by building a house that has neither cement nor brick. Here is his story:

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Couple builds a house without cement or bricks

house without cement or bricksthe best india

The couple chose to stay in a more rural area rather than opting for exclusive services and amenities. For people who are really concerned about maintaining a clean and green environment, eco-friendly houses are progressively becoming a trend.

The couple who created a sustainable home for themselves are Ashish Panda, a civil engineer residing in the city of Dungarpur, and his wife Madhulika, a software developer.

Everything in the house, from the foundation to the interior, is eco-friendly, recycled and reused, adding to its uniqueness. The couple used local resources to build their dream house, including Balwada stones and slabs, Ghughra stones and even lime.

The stone was used to build the walls of the house, while the lime was used for the plastering, the masonry and the ballast of the roof. Instead of cement, stone slabs were used to build the steps, roof, and balcony.

They pointed out that all the ancient palaces, mansions and houses built in Rajasthan were made of stone, lime or clay and had no cement or steel roofs, but they all stood still even after many years. So they created a sustainable home that way.

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The couple are BITS Pilani alums

ashish and madhulika the best india

Ashish was reportedly born in Odisha but attended school in Chennai. He then studied civil engineering at BITS Pilani, after which he worked across the country.

By contrast, Madhulika, his wife, is a native of Vijayawada and graduated from BITS Pilani with a degree in software engineering. She later traveled to the United States and even worked there for a year to get her master’s degree.

Madhulika reportedly claimed that she and her husband had resided in various places before deciding to move to Rajasthan after college. Ashish sought to promote the preservation of natural resources, while she had a tendency to focus on social issues. The couple finally reached Rajasthan in 2008 after visiting various places.

sustainable housethe best india

Both, according to Ashish, had already decided to stop residing in the main cities by that time. He spent a few months residing in various places as he wanted to be very close to nature.

Later, however, they came to the decision that they would want to reside somewhere where he could work and where there were at least some amenities available to them. They finally made the decision to move when his daughter was born in Dungarpur in 2010.

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