Symbiosis College Professor Suspended and Arrested after Controversial Statement on Hindu Deities Video Goes Viral

The Symbiosis teacher who has been accused of hurting religious sensibilities will be the subject of this discussion. The episode involving the Symbiosis teacher has generated a lot of discussion and controversy. Charges were brought against the teacher after it was claimed that they spoke things that were considered derogatory and disrespectful to a certain religious community. The incident underscores the precarious balance between exercising one’s right to free speech and respecting one’s religious beliefs, sparking a wider debate about the value of tact and tolerance in educational institutions. To learn more about this incident, keep reading the article.

Video Shows Symbiosis College Professor Suspended and Arrested

The Indian Penal Code Section 295A, which deals with intentional and malicious conduct meant to offend the religious sentiments of any class by insulting their religion or religious beliefs, has been used by the police. A day after being suspended by the college, a faculty member from the Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce (SCAC) in this city was detained on Thursday afternoon for allegedly offending religious emotions and making offensive comments about Hindu deities in class. In response to a complaint made by Ravindra Padwal, 30, a self-described “Samast Hindu Bandhav” member, police detained Ashok Sopan Dhole, a 43-year-old SCAC Hindi instructor, and charged him with violating IPC Section 295A (deliberate and malicious acts intended to incite religious emotions).

The reaction began after a fictitious video clip of Dhole was shared on social media, purportedly taken from a lecture for Class 12 given on July 25. “We were made aware of the situation yesterday (Wednesday), and we suspended him last night. Since 2005, he has been a professor at our university. SCAC Principal Hrishikesh Soman stated, “This was the first such allegation against him that was brought to our attention. “Since this is a grant-in-aid college, we must adhere to government regulations. To take the appropriate measures, a committee has been established, according to Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, principal director of the Symbiosis Society and provost of Symbiosis International University.

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Dhole said that he had been teaching Bhakti Rasa prior to his detention. I wanted to make the point that all religions are equal and one, therefore we can adore them all. However, some students exaggerated some of my remarks in a different way since they were angry with me because of past instances. I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s religious sensibilities. I wish to express my regret to everyone who was harmed by my statements.

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