The Animal Perception Personality Test: Can Your First Impression: Gorilla, Lion, or Birds Reflect Your Traits?

The Internet has kept netizens entertained with different mind-blowing optical illusions, often leaving one scratching their heads to try those brain exercises.

Although it is a time-consuming hobby, the optical illusion craze has set the Internet alight. Surprisingly, the Internet has produced yet another surprise for people who enjoy various optical illusions.

A monochrome image circulates on the Internet that purports to be a personality test that provides important information about the observer’s dominant tendencies based on the animal he sees first in the image.

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What do you see first in this optical illusion?

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The image focuses on a large tree. The instructions are simple. You just need to look at the image of the four hidden animals; The first animal you see defines your personality attribute. Take a good look at it. What was the first thing you noticed?

If you saw the gorilla first

The large negative area at the bottom left of the tree is shaped like the side face of a gorilla, basically its right profile. If you were the first to see a gorilla, you may be a belief expert and analytical thinker in your group. Before you try to solve a problem, you may be motivated by curiosity to learn as much as you can about the topic.

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If you saw the birds first

If you saw two birds flying over the tree, you may be an honest person who prefers to put everything in perspective. Thanks to your exceptional intuition, you can be the natural leader of your organization.

If you saw the lion first

The negative space in front of the gorilla, on the left side of the tree, represents the lateral face of a lion: the left profile. And if you saw the lion first, you are a dominant person who always seeks to be on top.

If you saw the fish first

A small proportion of visitors will notice two fish jumping out of the water at the base of the tree. And if you were the first to observe it, you should know that your reputation for idealism and charity precedes you. However, it is one of the reasons why people walk all over you.

Surprisingly, the official emblem of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is this optical illusion image. According to Mighty Optical Illusions, Bob Guckert, a citizen of Pittsburgh, USA, was the first to notice that this logo contains an intriguing optical illusion. While he had known about the emblem for some time, it was not until he visited the zoo’s official website that he noticed the optical illusion hidden in it.

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