The most faithful? Military assures that uniformed men do not cheat on their partners

A Honduran soldier left a clear message to his almost 4,000 followers on TikTok about the loyalty of those in uniform.

Identified with the user @504honduras92 on the social network of Chinese origin, this Honduran, a member of the Honduran Military Police, uses the video platform to publish moments that make him feel proud of his work.

However, this Friday he shared a video ensuring that he and his colleagues in the institution’s elite forces are not unfaithful.

“Am I unfaithful? No my love, that course does not exist in military life,” he said forcefully, although he did not specify if he was responding to someone in particular.

The comments were immediate, there were those who supported him, but the majority of women assured him that “men are unfaithful, especially the military and police.”

So far, the name, age and marital status of the young man who has gained several followers on the social network, who assure him that he is “handsome,” are unknown.

In recent months, the Honduran military and police have fallen into the “claws” of TikTok, where they show their love lives, talents in dancing and even look for the love of their life.

However, this was previously frowned upon and the most representative case is that of Esdras Laínez, who died at the age of 22, and who was dismissed from the Military Police for going viral for beach dancing on social networks.

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