The optical illusion of high IQ: discover the hidden password in 7 seconds

Welcome to the captivating realm of optical illusions, where intellect meets perception.

In this captivating endeavor, we present an optical illusion designed to test your cognitive abilities.

Can you quickly identify the hidden password hidden among the messy arrangement of shapes and colors in less than 7 seconds?

This illusion is intricately devised to deceive the untrained observer while divulging its secrets to those possessing astute discernment.

Sharpen your concentration and activate your intellect as you delve deeper into this visual enigma.

Are you ready to decipher the obscured message and substantiate your intellectual insight?

Accept the task and allow your cognitive faculties to illuminate as you undertake this expedition of perception and exploration.

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Find the hidden password in less than 7 seconds in this optical illusion

This optical illusion allows you to detect the hidden password in less than seven seconds with a high IQ
Seven seconds is all you need to guess the correct password | Image: Earth Grid

Earth Web, the brains behind this puzzle, is challenging your spelling and code-breaking skills.

Your task is to find out the correct password by determining the correct sequence of gray letters.

You already know that the word begins with “I”, covers ten letters and ends with “N”. Additionally, it contains both “A” and “T” in its central section.

After limiting the letters to N, V, N, O, I and O, it is advisable to initially focus on the repeated letters and vowels.

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For additional guidance, it may be beneficial to review linguistic principles.

Given the information provided by the last letter and the third letter before “T”, it is worth exploring whether the word ends with a frequently used suffix.

Once you’ve determined that part of the word, you can rearrange the remaining letters until you arrive at the correct password.

Continue reading below to find out the password and see if your guess was correct.

The answer is here!

This optical illusion allows you to detect the hidden password in less than seven seconds with a high IQ
The correct answer is ‘innovation’ | Image: Earth Grid

The password, given the clues provided, is “INNOVATION.” If you guessed correctly, well done!

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