These are the 5 most common nightmares and what they mean

Dreaming that you die, that you fall into the abyss, that you have an appointment that you never manage to keep, or that someone is chasing you are some of the most common nightmares you have.

These types of dreams are classified as nightmares, due to the discomfort they generate, a reason that led specialists to investigate their trigger and meaning.

Although it is well known that these types of images are not desired by anyone, the reality is that they are inevitable, so knowing what could be causing them could help cope with the discomfort of those who have these nightmares.

To date, the exact origin has not been determined, however, in a study published in 2009 in Current Directions in Psychology Science, a group of experts determined that dreams function to extinguish fear, on the contrary, nightmares reflect failures. . and poor management of emotions.

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Similarly, scientists Michael Schredl and Anja S. Göritz published another study in 2018 in which they analyzed more than 1,200 nightmares, in which they classified them, according to the most common themes described by the participants. Below we tell you the meanings.

Dreaming that they are chasing you

You dream that you are being chased by a person, whose face you usually do not see, or by an animal and you cannot move forward or escape from him or her. According to experts, these nightmares are common when we feel panic about a situation or an individual and we do not want to face it.

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So that these bad dreams do not spoil our nights anymore, it is best to find out what person or situation we are afraid of and bravely solve the problem as soon as possible.

Dreaming about your death or that of a loved one

When you dream that a loved one dies, it is popularly said that you extend that person’s life. But the truth is that these dreams simply show how important that person is to you and how much you want to stay by their side for as long as possible.

If what you dream about is your own death, do not be alarmed, because in reality these types of dreams symbolize that you are or want to make important changes in your life and it does not have to be something negative.

Dreaming that you are naked in public

This nightmare is usually very common during puberty. If they are left naked in a situation in which you feel very ashamed, it is because you feel vulnerable. If, on the other hand, they are naked but you do not feel shame, experts consider that it is a clear sign that you are comfortable with the way you are and with your life.

Dreaming that you can’t move or scream

In the middle of a dangerous situation and you are not able to scream for help or move to escape. The subconscious could reveal in this case that in real life we ​​have difficulty expressing true emotions or feelings. Doctors recommend in this situation that we begin to express our true emotions with our loved ones.

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fall into the abyss

This distressing dream can mean two very different things. On the one hand, it can reveal that we feel like we are losing control of our lives and that we are afraid of failing.

It is also possible that you dream these types of nightmares when you consider that you have too many responsibilities and need to get away from them. Analyze where you are in your life to be able to make sense of the falls into the abyss in your dreams.

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