This new viral optical illusion is for you: test your IQ and count all the eggs in the cart

Optical illusions are images or visual elements that trick our brain into perceiving something different than what is really there. To put it in simpler words, these illusions occur when messages sent from our eyes to our brain make us believe something that is not true.


This intriguing phenomenon occurs through a process known as “filling,” in which the brain chooses particular elements of the visual information it receives from the eyes to highlight. As a result, different layers of an image can appear differently depending on where the focus is placed.

Try this optical illusion puzzle and find out if you are a real genius!

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How many eggs are in the cart?

Your task is simple. All you have to do is try to find all the eggs in the optical illusion. The only condition you are bound by is time! Get out your stopwatch and set it to nine seconds. If you can count all the eggs in the cart when those barely nine seconds pass, you are a real genius.

Intelligence test with optical illusion How many eggs do you count?Sun

The answer

If you are someone who has no idea how many eggs are in the cart, don’t worry. As reported by The Sun, 95% of people will not succeed, so if you succeed, you belong to the top 5% of people and show a high IQ.

If your initial answer was 16, then you are off base because you need to account for hidden eggs. Ready to give it another chance? First, start by considering how many there would be if this were a 3D image, starting from the bottom.

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In a 4×4 layout, there would actually be 16 eggs on the bottom alone. Going to the next row, where there are three eggs, applying the same logic would obtain nine.

Moving on, you have a 2×2 layout, which is four eggs plus the single egg on top. When you add them all up, there are a total of 30 eggs. It is important to also consider all the eggs that are not visible.

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