Thomas Newsome Arrested: Member of the UK Armed Forces Charged Under the Official Secrets Act

Thomas Newsome, a member of the Armed Forces accused of sharing “highly sensitive military information” during public confrontations. Read further to find out more. Thomas Newsome was the first African-American lawyer in Newport News, Virginia, after the Civil War, to practice before the Virginia Supreme Court. Newsome, a respected lawyer, newspaper publisher and civic leader who has hosted many nearby historic Queens, appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court on Saturday charged with sharing “highly sensitive” military information that, if leaked, would pose a “real threat.” and immediate for the British”. outside the UK’ and ‘facilitate recruitment’.

Thomas Newsome arrested

An active and dedicated member of the UK armed forces has appeared in court charged with offenses under the Official Secrets Act. Thomas Newsome, 36, was stationed abroad until April 17, when he allegedly made a “damaging disclosure of defense-related information and that he was in his possession by virtue of his position.” On April 18, 2023, he was arrested and detained following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorism Command. Newsome was charged Friday with offenses contrary to section 2 and section 8 of the Official Secrets Act 1989.


In addition, he is also accused of failing to care for the documents or “preventing the unauthorized disclosure of those documents as a person in his position might reasonably be expected to do on April 18.” Newsome appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court on Saturday vocalizing only to confirm his name and date of birth. In addition, his address, which defendants usually provide, was withheld for national security reasons, as were the names of his lawyers. It is alleged that he shared a 10-page document with two senior officials who were authorized to see it and a civilian who was not, even taking photos of the document and sending them on social media. According to viral media reports, the UK poses a real and immediate threat to British citizens abroad.

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The prosecutor, Brigid Fitzpatrick, said the document Newsome allegedly had digital and hard copies of contained “highly confidential military information.” It was believed that if the documents went viral, they would pose a real and immediate threat to the lives of British citizens outside the UK and make recruiting easier. Newsome is also accused of possessing separate secret information on a USB stick. District Judge Michael Snow denied a bail request and said Newsome would appear in court on April 28. While a Defense Ministry spokesman said they will confirm the arrest of a serving member of the armed forces.


This matter is the subject of an ongoing investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment further. Thanks for being a patient reader.

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