Thor’s wife, who is Elsa Pataky, how old is she and what does Chris Hemsworth’s partner do?

Wife of Thor, Elsa Panky is the partner of the interpreter of the famous Marvel character, but who is the famous man’s life partner?

Thor’s wife, in fact several of the character’s followers call her that, but the name of the character’s interpreter’s partner is Elsa Pataky.

Furthermore, Pataky was one of the actor’s main supporters when he announced that he could inherit Alzheimer’s, since he has the ApoE4 gene, one from his mother and another from his father.

It is known that the actor at the time gave a pause to the world of acting to be able to undergo other types of studies and be able to prevent.

Who is Elsa Pataky?

Elsa Lafuente Medianu Spanish actress, born in Madrid on July 18, 1976, daughter of a chemist father and a Romanian publicist mother.

She is the only daughter in marriage, because at the age of 4 her parents separated, her mother forming a new family and giving her a brother, Christian Prieto Madianu.

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On the other hand, the actress speaks Romanian, Hungarian, English, French and Italian and is a graduate of the Black Ladies of Madrid, with a degree in Journalism.

His life in the world of acting began at the age of 14, adopting the surname Pataky in his artistic career in honor of his maternal grandfather, who was also an actor.

At the age of 14 she started in front of the cameras in the world of modeling, a step that led her to acquire a role in 1997 when she was 21 years old in the series “Contigo pan y Onion”

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Thor’s wife came to prominence in cinema in 1999 in the production of “Clara” and “Tatawo”, which was the beginning of several years in this industry.

Elsa Panky and Hemsworth

In September 2010, the actress began appearing in public with Hemsworth, whom she married on December 25 of the same year.

Also, Thor’s wife became a mother at the age of 34, and India Rose, the couple’s first-born, was born in May 2012.

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Years later, twins Tristán and Sacha would be born in Los Angeles, so Elsa Panky and Chris Hemsworth have 3 children.

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