Three firefighters accused of raping a colleague’s sister after conducting a disturbing DNA search

Three New Mexico firefighters have been charged with gang-raping a colleague’s sister; an affidavit states that one even searched: “How long does DNA stay in the vagina?”.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue Lt. Aden Heyman, 46, firefighter Angel Portillo, 32, and retired driver Anthony Martin, 44, were arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree rape, KOB4 said.

The woman, whose sister worked with the trio, agreed to go to Martin’s house on July 15 after spending the day drinking with him and Portillo at a golf tournament, according to police documents obtained by the Albuquerque Journal.

There, “they were swimming, laughing and having fun,” until Heyman arrived and “the energy changed,” the women told police, according to the documents.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue Lt. Aden Heyman, 46, firefighter Angel Portillo, 32, and Anthony Martin, 44, have been charged with criminal sexual penetration after their arrest Wednesday.

She detailed how she “began to fade” and when she came to, Heyman was “instructing the other two” and “coaching” them on how to assault her, according to the report.

She eventually escaped by climbing out of the bathroom window and was found huddled and crying outside the apartment complex, according to the documents.

After the woman went to police, a search on her relative’s phone turned up messages between the victim’s relative and the accused firefighters.

The woman says she jumped out a window after being gang-raped, police affidavits show.KOB

In the days that followed, the trio exchanged text messages promising to keep quiet about what happened, according to the documents.

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Heyman allegedly sent a text message telling him that the woman “doesn’t want people to know… I will never say a word about it to anyone.”

“I hope it doesn’t come to light unless the worst happens or we mention it. Which I will never do,” Martin responded, according to the documents.

Heyman allegedly did an online search for "How long does DNA stay in the vagina?" police claim.Heyman allegedly did an online search for “How long does DNA stay in the vagina?” K.O.B.

Cops also found messages the men sent to their colleague, the alleged victim’s sister, in which Portillo allegedly said he was “upset” with himself and that “one thing led to another and alcohol influenced questionable decisions.” “.

On Aug. 7, more than three weeks after the alleged attack, Heyman did a Google search asking, “How long does DNA stay in the vagina?” the doctors said.

Martin has since retired, according to KOB4. Heyman and Portillo have been placed on administrative leave, his department said, vowing to cooperate with police.

Firefighter Ángel Portillo, 32, maintains his innocence.Firefighter Ángel Portillo, 32, maintains his innocence.MDC

“The allegations were alarming and we determined that a thorough investigation was necessary to determine the facts,” department chief Emily Jaramillo told the Albuquerque Journal, stating that they “treat these allegations seriously.”

The three men refused to speak to investigators, according to the report. However, all of his lawyers denied the accusations, and Martín’s lawyer, Ben Ortega, called the accuser a drug user who “is not credible.”

“As far as I’m concerned, none of these three men did anything wrong and now their careers as firefighters will be marred by these allegations,” he said.

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Heyman’s attorney, Jason Bowles, said the firefighter “has committed no crime and is innocent of these charges.”

Anthony Martin, 44, recently retired from the Albuquerque Fire Department. Anthony Martin, 44, has retired from the Albuquerque Fire Department. M.D.C.

Portillo’s attorney, Heather LeBlanc, also said her client “firmly maintains his innocence in this matter.”

“As a respected firefighter in our community, he has dedicated his life to helping others,” LeBlanc said.

“He is fully aware of the seriousness of these charges and has fully cooperated with authorities in the ongoing investigation. We will vigorously defend ourselves against these accusations to ensure that the truth prevails.”

The three men appeared in court by video link on Thursday, where they were being held, KOB4 said.

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