Top 20 richest cities in the world in 2023 by GDP: Top 10 list updated

Check out different details about World’s Richest City 2023 by GDP – Top 10 and Top 20 list updated from this article. This article includes different information about World’s Richest City 2023 by GDP – Updated Top 10 and Top 20 List and other important details.

The richest city in the world 2023

There are countless incredible sites around the world. Some of the cities are known to have beautiful and impressive places, while some cities are known to possess immense wealth. As we know, countries like Ireland and Luxembourg are among the richest countries in the world.

The richest man in the world 2023

The richest man in Asia 2023

The richest man in Africa 2023

The richest man in Japan 2023

The richest man in Europe in 2023

Many people are curious to know the richest city in the world. Furthermore, when talking about the richest cities, places like New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and others immediately come to mind.

There are many factors that affect the wealth of any city. These important factors such as population, GDP, millionaires and several other relevant factors are carefully considered while formulating the list of richest cities in the world. More information about the richest city is included in this article.

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Richest city in the world by GDP 2023

According to the latest rankings, the richest city in the world today is New York City. This classification was published by Henley and Partners. Additionally, most of the richest cities on the top 10 list are American cities. There are numerous billionaires residing in these richest cities. Thanks to them, the GDP of these cities receives a significant boost.

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In the list recently published by Forbes, the city where the majority of billionaires reside is New York. Therefore, it is no surprise that New York City currently holds the title of the richest city in the world. In addition to New York City, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and several other cities are also included in this important list of richest cities (top 10 and top 20).

Overview of the richest city in the world

list name The richest city in the world
Year 2023
Rank 1 NY
Billionaires residing in New York 101 (as of April 2023)
Rank 2 Tokyo
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The 10 richest cities in the world in 2023

After considering the current data, the updated list of the top 10 richest cities in the world is formed. In 2021, Tokyo ranked first on this important list. However, this time New York acquired the position of the richest city in the world.

As we know, the list keeps changing based on numerous relevant factors, such as GDP. Therefore, the ranking of these cities based on their wealth changes. NOTE: Millionaire data is through December 2022 and billionaire data is through April 2023. More updated data will be available soon.

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The list of the 10 richest cities in the world 2023 includes the following cities:

    • Billionaires: 101
    • Millionaires: 340,000 +
    • Population: about 8.9 million
  2. TOKYO
    • Millionaires: 290,300 +
    • Population: around 37 million
    • Millionaires: 285,000 +
    • Population: about 7.7 million
    • Millionaires: 258,000 +
    • Population: about 9.6 million
    • Millionaires: 240,100 +
    • Population: about 5.9 million
    • Millionaires: 205,400 +
    • Population: around 4 million
    • Millionaires: 129,500 +
    • Population: about 7.6 million
    • Millionaires: 128,200 +
    • Population: around 21 million
    • Millionaires: 127,200 +
    • Population: around 29 million
  10. SYDNEY
    • Millionaires: 126,900 +
    • Population: around 6 million

The 20 richest cities in the world in 2023

Many prominent and well-known cities are included in the list of top 20 richest cities in the world. These are the cities that have a large population of millionaires and billionaires.

The richest man in China 2023

The richest woman in the world

The richest man in Russia 2023

The richest man in Canada 2023

Australia’s richest man 2023

The richest country in the world 2023

Many cities from various countries such as the United States of America, Australia, China, France, Japan, Switzerland, etc. are included in this important top 20 list. According to the information, Mumbai is ranked 21st in this important list. Furthermore, this city has around 59,000 millionaires.

So, the updated list includes the following cities:

Range City Country
1 NY United States of America
2 Tokyo Japan
3 San Francisco Bay Area United States of America
4 London United Kingdom
5 Singapore Singapore
6 the Angels United States of America
7 Hong Kong Hong Kong (SAR of China)
8 Beijing Porcelain
9 Carry off Porcelain
10 Sydney Australia
eleven chicago United States of America
12 toronto Canada
13 Frankfurt Germany
14 Zurich Swiss
fifteen houston United States of America
sixteen Seoul South Korea
17 Melbourne Australia
18 Paris France
19 Geneva Swiss
twenty Dubai United Arab Emirates
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More information on the top 20 list will be provided in due course.

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