Toyota Rumion Price in India, Booking Dates, Mileage, Top Speed, Interior

Toyota Rumion price in India, booking dates, mileage, top speed and interior can be checked on the official website. The price of the Toyota Rumion varies depending on the model you select, but it is usually reasonable and comparable to other cars in its class.

Toyota Rumion Price in India

The impending 2023 Toyota Rumion is expected to go on sale for just Rs 9 lakh, with the top-spec model priced at a maximum of Rs 13 lakh. After the introduction of the minivan, the on-road price will be updated.

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The Toyota Rumion is a stylish and useful hatchback with a smooth ride and plenty of extras to make driving enjoyable. Due to its small size and ability to maneuver in tight spots and busy streets, this adaptable car is ideal for city driving.

If you also want to buy this stylish yet compact car, you must read this article once. You can find all the information you need here before buying or renting a car. In this article we have covered various details of Toyota Rumion such as price, interior, design, top speed and mileage.

Details of the Toyota Rumion


Toyota Rumion Price in India

car brand name


Model name


Release date

Scheduled for September 2023.

Maximum speed

170 kilometers per hour

Price range

8.80–10.70 lakh rupees

Number of places


Fuel type


official website

Click here

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Toyota Rumion Pre-order and Release Dates

The futuristic Toyota Rumion is an eye-catching vehicle that is soon to be unveiled in India. The Toyota Rumion should go on sale in India in October 2023.

The Rumion will be available for pre-order through Toyota’s website in the coming weeks, and pricing will likely be revealed around the same time. However, we do not yet know the precise release and pre-order dates of the upcoming Rumion car.

But we would like to assure our visitors that we will update the exact dates as soon as Toyota Rumion stakeholders announce them.

Mileage and top speed of the Toyota Rumion

The expected mileage with Rumion gasoline manual transmission is 17.99 and 19.01 km/l, respectively. It is also expected to offer a mileage of 26.11Km/Kg in CNG. The Rumion minivan is expected to have an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.10 seconds and, therefore, can reach a maximum speed of 170 km/h.

The car features a 6-speed transmission that can propel it with a maximum of 205 horsepower and 156 lbs of torque. It is a hydrogen-powered vehicle that includes a hydrogen-controlled electric motor that moves the vehicle at the most extreme power of 152 HP.

Toyota Rumion Interior

The Toyota Rumion is a highly regarded vehicle known for its spacious cabin, smooth ride, high safety ratings and fuel efficiency. It displays a variety of elements intended to improve driving comfort and fun. A touchscreen music system, automatic climate control, and a rearview camera to assist with parking are some of its important features. In addition, the vehicle has a large storage capacity.

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The Rumion has faux wood trim and beige upholstery on the dashboard and seats, as well as faux wood trim on the rocker bed. The Toyota emblem is visible on the steering wheel and includes 7 seats as standard. The vehicle also has four airbags and top-mounted center row air conditioning vents.

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Steps to book Toyota Rumion online

All potential buyers who wish to purchase the Toyota Rumion must book it online or visit the nearest Toyota showroom. The online booking process also allows you to choose the color variant you want from the list of available ones. You can follow the steps listed below and reserve your car.

  • To order Toyota Rumion, visit, the official website.
  • After deciding on a Toyota product, choose your favorite Toyota Rumion.
  • Choose your city, state and then the nearest Toyota dealer.
  • Enter your information so a Toyota Rumion salesperson can contact you.
  • Pay your reservation online. To reserve the Toyota Rumion continue with the online payment.
  • You will receive a call from the Toyota team for more information after your payment has been confirmed.

We hope the above instructions make it easier for you to reserve a Toyota Rumion once their reservation lines are open.


Frequent questions

What are the Rumion’s expected top speed and mileage parameters?

The Toyota Rumion offers a superb mileage of 13 kmpl, while it can reach a top speed of around 170 kmph.

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Is it worth buying Toyota Rumion?

Toyota offers significant brand value, which could work to your advantage. Additionally, both companies offer superior after-sales support.

What is the release date and price of the Toyota Rumion?

This upcoming Toyota car model will probably be launched in October 2023. We can expect its price to be around 8.8 lakh or higher depending on the variant.

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