Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi Comes To Trolled Desi Woman’s Aid, Offers Her Job After She Gets Flak For Viral Video

A good bulk of the Indian population migrates to Canada year after year. One such student who moved to the Western country with big dreams in her eyes became the butt of online hate and trolling when she expressed her excitement about moving out of her home country. 

Little did she know that the internet’s unsolicited wrath against her would end up winning her a chance to work at Truecaller. The company’s CEO, Alan Mamedi, extended the offer over a tweet and took a firm stance against online bullying.

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Desis Trolled Student For Her ‘Dream To Leave’ Her Home Country

Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi Offers Job To Trolled IndianTwitter

The clip that started it all was one of those random interviews on the street that are all the rage on social media lately. In the clip, a man holding a microphone asked the Indian-origin woman living in Canada what brought her over to the country.

She emphatically answered the question after introducing herself as Ekta. She said, “It was a dream for me to come here, like to go out of my home country.” Like thousands of other students who dream about one day switching scenery and moving to a foreign land, Ekta too had her fantasies.  

Sad that we don’t get to see sunrise and sunset in India. Mudi ji rezine karo 🙂

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— desi mojito 🇮🇳 (@desimojito) July 30, 2023

Ekta revealed that she was studying biotech in Canada after fulfilling her dream. She added that after her degree in biotech, she will be applying to do business. The video unexpectedly took off on Twitter (aka X) and received flak from Desis. People trolled and bullied her for wanting to go out and live out her dreams.

Truecaller’s CEO Came Forward To Defend The Student

Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi Offers Job To Trolled IndianTwitter

Seeing the unwarranted hate against the woman chasing her dreams, the CEO of Truecaller, Aman Mamedi, could not hold back.

In a tweet that has now gone viral, Mamedi shamed the trolls for bullying the woman, who clearly seemed excited about living a new life in Canada after moving out of India. Not only did the CEO and Co-founder champion her in his tweet, but he also shocked people by offering the student a job at Truecaller once she was through with her degree.

People really want to misunderstand her to make fun of her. This is not OK!! Ekta, don’t listen to all these clowns making fun of you. I think you’re cool and living the dream! When you’re done with school, you’re welcome to work at Truecaller in any of our offices around the 🌏

— Alan Mamedi (@AlanMamedi) August 3, 2023

Users questioned the CEO’s judgement. Someone asked how a biotech graduate would fit into his company. To this, Mamedi replied and said that an educated person has ambitions to learn new things, which gives him reason enough to hire her. He also pointed out that the CFO of Truecaller, Odd Bolin, is a space physicist.

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The CEO’s tweet received mixed reactions from the public.

A well educated person is a person with high ambitions to learn new things. That’s all you need.PS. Our CFO is a space physicist.

— Alan Mamedi (@AlanMamedi) August 3, 2023

What does home country have to do with this? You think it’s easy to get into universities without excellent grades? Especially biotech? She clearly has high ambitions in life, and those are people I want to work with.Also, to demonstrate that bullying is not OK, I will help her

— Alan Mamedi (@AlanMamedi) August 3, 2023

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