Trump slams New York judge’s fraud ruling, says appeals court ‘must reverse anti-American decision’

Former President Donald Trump called a Manhattan judge’s ruling against him “horrible” and “un-American” in a rambling social media post after he was found responsible for fraud, resulting in the revocation of his business licenses. In New York.

“The widespread attack on me, my family and my supporters has reached new and un-American depths, at the hands of a deranged New York state judge, doing the bidding of a completely biased and corrupt “prosecutor,” Letitia James. Trump, 77, criticized his Truth Social platform after the ruling.

“This is Democratic political law and a witch hunt on a level never seen before. “It is an attempt to seriously harm the main political candidate of the opposing party,” she fumed.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron concluded that Trump, his family and his company, the Trump Organization, committed fraud by vastly overvaluing his wealth in business documents for years to get good deals from banks, a claim made by first time by New York Attorney General Letitia James in her lawsuit against the defendants.

Trump, his family and his company were found liable for fraud, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled. Getty ImagesTrump is accused of inflating his wealth in business documents to obtain favorable loans from banks.serinc

“Nothing like this has ever happened before in our country. My civil rights have been violated and some appeals court, whether federal or state, must overturn this horrible, un-American decision. If they can do this to me, they can do this to YOU! Trump added.

In a 35-page ruling, Engoron sided with James, who alleged that Trump made several indisputably false statements to obtain favorable loans.

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The judge revoked the “business certificates” of Trump Organizations New York and any other New York-based businesses run by Trump or his family. According to the ruling, an independent third party will be tasked with “managing the dissolution of the terminated LLCs.”

Engoron also denied Trump’s attempts to get the court to dismiss James’ fraud and other claims. The former president claimed that Engogron refused to allow the case to move to the “commercial division” of the state courts, where he claimed it belonged.

The judge ruled that Trump’s business licenses in New York be revoked, possibly affecting his iconic Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in / MEGATrump criticized the judge’s ruling in a speech on Truth Social. Judge Arthur Engoron speaks during a hearing related to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil lawsuit, which alleges that former President Donald Trump engaged in systematic fraud on his family business in a New York courtroom, on September 22, 2023 , in this courtroom sketch.REUTERS

He also complained that the decision was made without a jury trial.

“[The Trump Organization] is a large company that has been slandered and defamed by this politically motivated witch hunt,” Trump said in a separate Truth Social post.

Trump and his family members appeared to be particularly upset with the judge’s valuation of Mar-A-Lago, his sprawling Florida estate, which was estimated to be worth $18 million. He said the property could be worth “almost 100 times that amount.”

Eric Trump, the former president’s son, said Mar-A-Lago may be “the most valuable residential property in the country.”

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“In an attempt to destroy my father and drive him out of New York, a judge just ruled that Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, is only worth approximately “$18 million”…” tweeted. “There is speculation that Mar-a-Lago is worth it. [sic] more than $1 billion, making it possibly the most valuable residential property in the country. “It’s all so corrupt and coordinated.”

Trump and two of his children questioned the valuation of Mar-A-Lago at just $18 million. AP Letitia James filed a lawsuit accusing the former president, the Trump Organization and Eric and Donald Trump Jr. of overstating the value of their assets in thousands of millions. .Getty Images

“If Mar-a-Lago is worth 18 million dollars… I’ll take 10, please!!!” Eric’s brother, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted.

“Florida real estate circles are laughing at this nonsense,” Eric Trump responded. He also shared several listings of nearby properties for well over $18 million.

“If my father tried to claim the property was worth $18 million, he would probably be accused of trying to underpay his property taxes!” Donald Trump Jr. wrote in another tweet. “They’ve set up the game to always be lose/lose in these blue states. If you don’t comply with their narrative, they will attack you.”


The judge’s ruling means Trump could be stripped of control over some of his namesake properties, including Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan.

The 45th president plans to appeal the decision, his lawyers said.

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A bench trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 2 for Engoron to hear arguments on the lawsuit’s other claims before deciding on those allegations.

James’ office has previously alleged that the former president, the Trump Organization and Eric and Donald Trump Jr. overstated the value of their assets by as much as $3.6 billion a year.

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