US company fires employee for asking for “more time off” to mourn his mother’s death

A US company blocked their social media accounts because they received a lot of hate. This happened after an employee who wanted time off was fired when his mother died. Many people on social media supported the employee who was fired from Koroseal.

They fired him after requesting more time to grieve.

The situation came to light when the employee shared it on Reddit. He mentioned that he worked for a company called Koroseal, which makes wall coverings. The company fired him because he wanted more free time.

In his Reddit post, the former employee talked about receiving only three days of unpaid leave when his mother passed away.

“[I] “I was given three days of bereavement leave to travel to Florida, bury my mom and rush home – no time to rest, cry, nothing,” the Reddit user wrote. “Honestly, I haven’t even had time to cry, since everything has been a blur.”

After the man emailed the human resources department requesting an additional four days of unpaid leave, he was abruptly fired.

“He said they were very kind to offer me the duel and they fired me by email saying they would send me my final check,” the man wrote.

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Koroseal’s decision was a mistake because they did not receive adequate attention to terminate the employee. The former employee wrote that Koroseal seemed likeable on social media and had a good reputation.

The company faced significant criticism from people on both Reddit and Twitter.

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They posted many negative comments on Koroseal’s page, prompting the company to delete hundreds of comments and eventually make their Twitter account private.

The former employee shared on Reddit that he was a machinist who worked with five or six other operators. He mentioned that Koroseal could have easily granted him the requested time off.

Update! The company fired me for asking for more time to grieve for my mother. by u/Jadex9 in works

He also noted that the company asked him to remove his Reddit post due to the criticism he received.

He thanked Reddit users for their support.

“Reddit helped me tremendously! They forced the infringing company to delete all social networks, block their page and delete hundreds and hundreds of comments on Twitter/X,” the user wrote.

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