Verónica Alejandra’s son, what happened to him, what he died of and who he was

Last Thursday, September 28, he learned that the son of the former host of Venga Alegría, Verónica Alejandra, lost his life.

The former host of the program ‘Venga Alegría’, Verónica Alejandra, shared through her social networks the sad news of the death of her barely eight-year-old son last Thursday, September 28.

Alejandro, together with her husband Juan José Lecanda, thanked her followers for their support, and also took the opportunity to talk a little about the illness that her descendant was facing.

He came to this world to leave a very clear message, for his legacy to be heard and for all human beings to understand in some way how lucky we are to be able to breathe, live and enjoy life. Pollis, since he came into this world, has not stopped fighting for a single second to be able to live, to be able to breathe.“, he expressed.

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What did Verónica Alejandra’s son die from?

The former host announced that her son named Juan José, whom she affectionately called Pollis, was just eight years old and died due to a health condition with which he was born. The minor was diagnosed with microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type 1 (MOP) and also with Roifman syndrome.

This condition represents that despite his chronological age, he had the appearance and physical vulnerability of a much younger child.

He has MOPD Type 1, which means his bones don’t join together, his bones won’t grow much, he will be a very small child.“, stated Verónica Alejandra through her social networks.

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Due to this condition, doctors predicted one year to live, however, little Juan José lived eight years with his family and his mother thanked him for accompanying them.

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Pollis accomplished his mission, now he has to rest and enjoy eternal happiness, he is running in the nursery in heaven, playing with all his friends and from up there he will take care of everyone here on earth, they prayed and were attentive to him“, he concluded.

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