VIDEO: Honduran returns from the US as a birthday gift for her sister

This weekend a young Honduran woman celebrated her “sweet 16”, where she received many gifts, but the most important of all was the return of her sister.

Three years ago, Dulce left Honduras to fulfill her dreams in the United States, leaving behind her parents and her little sister, who was 13 at the time.

On Saturday the young woman celebrated her 16th birthday with a huge party, where she received a nice video from her sister, wishing her the best in the world.

Abigail, the birthday girl, couldn’t hold back her tears during the video, but her emotion was even greater when she saw that Dulce was behind her with a bouquet of roses.

“I surprised my little sister by returning to Honduras after 3 years for her sweet 16 party,” reads the video that shows ‘Abi’ kneeling in happiness.

Dulce added that: “our separation was not easy for me, but God is so merciful that he gave me this gift of being able to be here with her and with my entire family.”

The tender scene shared this Sunday already exceeds 70 thousand views, 12 thousand tastes (I like it) and it has been shared more than a hundred times.

“I still hope to see my sister again, I miss her a lot”; “How beautiful, I don’t know why I always cry at stories about strangers” and “those are the most important moments in life,” are some comments.

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