VIDEO: Japanese woman tells what the wedding of her Honduran mother and father was like

A young Japanese/Honduran woman showed this Monday on her TikTok account midoriestrella0710 what her parents’ wedding was like in Japan.

According to Midori’s video, it shows a totally different wedding than how it is celebrated in Honduras, but the couple was very happy on this special day in Japan.

One of the moments that are observed, since the celebration was completely recorded, is when they gave a bouquet of roses to the in-laws, which is a tradition in the Asian country.

Then, the Japanese dream was seen talking about how the couple will have many challenges in their marriage from day one.

“There is no doubt that they will face trials and great obstacles from now on,” he said.

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For her part, her Honduran mother at that time did not understand Japanese, so at first you could see that she had a confused look on her face.

However, she seemed happy with Japan’s wedding customs, mainly when the guests shouted ¡Qué viva! and they made a gesture with their hands.

Despite the cultural differences, the young woman commented that her parents now have an excellent relationship.

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