Wild video shows bear helping itself to family’s Taco Bell delivery

It might be smarter than the average bear.

A sneaky black bear pocketed $45 at Taco Bell after quickly snatching up an Uber Eats delivery intended for a Florida family.

The video, uploaded to TikTok, shows an UberEats worker dropping off food at an Orlando-area home on Friday night and taking a photo to confirm safe delivery, but just after leaving, a black bear appears and attacks. heads to the porch. .

The bear sniffs the bag and picks it up with its mouth, walking away with the food.

What is not shown, however, is that the bear returns moments later after realizing that he forgot to drink the drink that came with his meal.

“He came over and grabbed the food, then came back for the soda,” Nicole Castro told Fox 35 after seeing her family’s doorbell footage.

The video continues to show the shocked family leaving and discovering their food missing and a trail of spilled soda leading to the driveway.

A black bear headed onto an Orlando porch after an UberEats driver delivered Taco Bell on Friday.TikTok/@alexvelasquezoficial After smelling the food, the bear quickly grabbed the bag and left, only to return and grab a bite as well. little soda. TikTok/@alexvelasquezoficial

“That bear just took it. Look at the cameras,” one of the residents said in Spanish.

“There is that son of a bitch who takes the food,” Daniel Bula can be heard while reviewing the images with his niece on his phone.

Resident Laidy Gutierrez told Fox that bears are very common in her Longwood neighborhood, so much so that they usually check their cameras before leaving their homes.

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He added that given the latest theft, his family will no longer be able to receive deliveries on their front porch.

The family added that UberEats reimbursed them for the meal.

The $45 Taco Bell meal was refunded, but the family is now changing the way they receive deliveries. Christopher Sadowski

This isn’t the first time a porch pirate has been revealed to be a hungry bear who runs away with a delivery.

Last year, Mary McClear of Hendersonville, North Carolina, caught a greedy bear stealing a package of bagels she had received from New York City.

“We left early for an event and the box was delivered after we left,” McClear said of the carb theft. “We had a visitor who helped himself!”

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