VIDEO: Wipers innovates and accepts payment with cards

Car drivers often do not want to give money to those who make a living offering street cleaning services.

Some due to lack of change, but one of the workers took a step forward and went viral on social networks, as it shows that he accepts payment by credit or debit card and charges with a terminal.

Through the account (tiktok_univers2024), the video was shared showing the windshield wiper who decided to update and accept payment with credit and debit cards.

In the shared video, it is observed that while cleaning the front window of the car, the man took a terminal out of his pocket to place it right in front of the co-pilot.

This surprised both the driver and his passenger, who left their hand extended to the windshield wiper who showed their terminal.

After the video was published, Internet users reacted with grace to the way in which people look for options to earn income, although some believe that this could cause scams.

Well, for this payment method you need to have a name or tax denomination, that is, to be regulated by an institution and perhaps, the man is not registered.

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