WATCH: 3 Whales Breaching At The Same Time video circulated on social media

It is always a majestic spectacular treat to watch one whale leap out of the water but what would you say if three whales do it at the same time? Recently, a video of Cape Cod came out that shows three whales leaping out of the water into synchronized jumps off Cape Cod. Reportedly, this scene was recorded by Robert Addie who was on a boat with his family. Fortunately, they got to witness the once-in-a-while moment. Now the video is going viral on the internet and news channels are also showing the epic moment in a loop. Netizens have been left extremely curious to watch the video. We have provided all the information about this majestic sight. You are just required to stick with this page and go through this article till the end. Swipe down the page and must take a peek below.

3 Whales Breaching At The Same Time video

You can also find the video showing three whales leaping out of the water. Robert Addie who is a resident of Portsmouth, New Hampshire was with his daughters on a boat off Provincetown on Monday when they got a chance to film the epic moment of three humpback whales breaching the surface of the sea. They jumped perfectly in sync. Read how Robert Addie reacted to this video, in the next section.

While speaking to WBZ-TV, Addie said they were stunned. “Everyone on the boat was stunned” Reportedly, Robert Addie of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was on the boat for a birthday celebration. The three whales jumped off in sync which was the perfect present. Robert said he had never witnessed such an epic moment, he has been fishing for decades. He added, “I’ve literally seen thousands of whales. I haven’t yet run into anyone that’s seen a triple synchronized beach.” Keep reading this article and read what Robert Addie shared about this epic moment.

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He also told that after witnessing the rare moment of three whales breaching the surface of the ocean in sync, they also saw a younger whale jump into the air. Everyone on the boat could not believe that they were able to witness this. Moreover, they also recorded the moment on camera. Robert Addie of New Hampshire said, “We were all gobsmacked. You can tell the story and nobody’s really going to believe you, but catching it on video. . . oh my.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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