WATCH: Noida dog owner’s video of dog muzzle fight in Noida elevator sparks outrage online

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Dog Owner Noida

Video of Noida, owner of the dog

A new Twitter video was recently posted explaining Richa Srinet’s position. Richa Srinet gained notoriety for not muzzling her dog. Richa said in the video that two other residents made fun of her during the argument. Pet owners and residents of Noida societies have recently experienced an increase in conflict. The main problem is that pet owners have trouble keeping their animals under control, especially in high-rise complexes. A woman whose viral video showed a disagreement over muzzling her dog posted a new video on Twitter to explain her position. The woman, known as Richa Srinet, explained how the abuse she received online as a result of the video’s extensive publicity had a significant negative impact on her mental health.

Richa stated in the video that two other owners mocked her during the argument, saying, “You have a $50 dog and a $200 leash.” She questioned the idea of โ€‹โ€‹assigning a price to animals or birds while she was speaking in Hindi. She also said that she was even angrier at one of the residents who had recorded the incident on her phones. Richa Srinet discussed the incident and gave her perspective. After the incident, she spoke of the emotional distress she experienced as a result of the online bullying. She also mentioned that she had experienced insults and obscene words.

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Please support the truth ๐Ÿ™

โ€” Richa Srinet (@richa_srinet) July 7, 2023

“Can we really measure the value of any living thing?” she asked. Richa commented, “Aren’t these dogs my babies?” her dedication to the care of all living things is unwavering. In the caption of her, she called for sympathy and urged readers to respect her point of view. Richa also posted a video of her residential tower security guard as proof of her claims. In fact, Richa was verbally abused by inmates, the guard testified. For those who don’t know, Richa was seen on the widely circulated video clashing violently with other tenants in her Noida housing community.

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