WATCH: Punjab Police Viral Video, officer attacking people receiving mental health treatment

In recent news, it was reported that Punjab Police has claimed the officer who is attacking people in a viral video is receiving mental health treatment. You are required to read the article and follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates. The REPORT suggests that The Punjab Police said the officer who was seen beating the general public and uttering obscenities in a widely circulated video was not mentally stable and is undergoing treatment for the same. The report was issued last Friday at a public offense.

Punjab Police Viral Video

Evidently, early footage emerged of a Punjab police officer who stopped a motorcycle and slapped a reporter who tried on questioning him about the vehicle’s lack of a number plate various times. Later, the officer showed his anger at being stopped on the street without any reason. Due to this, reportedly, he hurled profanities at the reporter and other people who were present over there.

Moreover, he was seen striking another pedestrian who tried to interfere with the scene. Furthermore, the officer pushed and punched the reporter suddenly, and at one point in time, he also abused the Punjab police chief when the reporter mentioned the IG to the camera. Reportedly, today, the Punjab Inspector General Police, Dr. Usman Anwar responded to the incident and said that the man was a constable,

The officer added to his statement and said that he was suffering from mental illness and is being treated. He continued and said that the officer has also been absent from his duties previously.  In a statement, Anwar also reassured that no police constables will be fired from their jobs after psychosocial profiling.

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Furthermore, he said that the screening and treatment of 200,000 employees of the provincial police against 10 diseases was almost complete. However, as he pointed out to the constables, the panel was fearful unnecessarily following the incident. However, Anwar also discussed the purpose of psychosocial profiling.

He continued and said that it was important to provide treatment and counseling upgrades to the employees that were suffering, instead of harming or dismissing the jobs of the employees, it was important for their betterment. He told us that the employees who were diagnosed with psychological disorders would be referred to relevant professionals.

However, they will be provided with treatment facilities according to their needs after counseling sessions. Anwar added that psychosocial profiling was a huge and time-consuming process that require more to have its completion. Hence, the Punjab Police viral video case is justified.

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