WATCH: Shari Franke Google Doc Video Evidence Links in the Wake of Crowdsourcing Effort

We all recently learned about the case of the Franke family. The Franke family is known for the YouTube show 8 Passengers. So regarding this case, Franke family member Shari Franke is receiving many Google Doc videos as evidence of links that will help stir up the crowd. She has given a statement regarding this arrest. She has said in her statement that “justice has been done.” She is currently one of the most popular people on the World Wide Web. People are really shocked after hearing the news of the arrest of the Franke family. So read this entire article to know everything.

Who is Shari Franke?

Shari Franke is the eldest daughter of the Franke family. She is the daughter of Ruby Franke. The entire Franke family is primarily recognized for being featured on the 8 Passengers YouTube channel. So, the entire Franke family is currently trending on all social media platforms and is on top of the headlines because Shari Franke’s mother, Ruby Franke, and her father have been arrested. This is one of the biggest news of current times. Shari is very happy with this arrest. She made this official announcement of her parents’ arrest on her official Instagram page.

Shari Franke shared a story on her official Instagram page where in the photo we all saw a black police car stopped outside Shari’s residence. In her story she wrote that justice has been done. Ruby Franke and her husband were arrested on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Both have been arrested in the child abuse case. Shari is a 20 year old girl. She shared this official news of her parents’ arrest on Thursday, August 31, 2023. Not only Ruby and her husband, another woman named Jodi Hildebrandt has also been arrested in the same case.

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Ruby Franke’s previous channel, the official YouTube channel 8 Passengers, was removed by YouTube authorities in early 2023. Since the announcement of the arrest of Ruby Franke and her husband, people have started adding links to the Google archive. Docs. These files reveal the sinister method used by both women. In one of the videos, Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt said that ā€œpain has meant being a teacher.ā€ This is a very disturbing statement given by both suspects. More details about this case will be revealed soon.

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