WATCH: Video Pesawat Terhempas Elmina, Rider Rentung Di Elmina Video Goes Viral

We are informing you that a plane crashed in Elmina on Thursday, August 17, 2023. This incident is also causing commotion on the internet because dash cam footage of a plane crash in Elmina has surfaced on the internet and is now going viral. on all social networking sites leaving netizens concerned about the safety of the people who were near the scene of the plane crash. How many people were on the plane at the time of the accident? We have mentioned all the imperative details in the following sections of this article. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Video Pesawat Terhempas Elmina

The crashed plane was reportedly light and was carrying 8 people. In addition, the plane crashed in a residential area of ​​Elmina on the U16 section. Reports also suggested that a motorcycle was also involved in the accident. The motorcycle accident occurred near the Guthrie Highway as it passed through Persianan Elmina. Berita Harian reported that at least 10 people died in this plane crash. Among the victims who died in the accident, one was an EXCO from the Pahang government. Move on to the next section and read more details about this plane crash that happened in Elmina.

As mentioned, the video of the plane crash has gone viral on social media. The current viral video of the accident is a recording from a dash cam. The dash cam footage was reportedly posted by a road user who managed to share the footage when the incident occurred. In the video you can clearly see the flames. In the video of the accident you can see several remains wrapped in thick smoke in front of a car. Viral dash cam video shows other vehicles crossing the road. What were the circumstances surrounding the accident? Learn more about the plane crash in the next section.

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Video of Rider Rentung Di Elmina

Reports state that the Elmina plane crash occurred on Thursday afternoon at around 2:40 p.m. There were 6 passengers, 2 pilots and 2 attendants on the crashed plane, a total of 10 people at the time of the crash. Datuk Hussein Omar Khan, Selangor Police Chief, said the plane took off from Langkawi after permission from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Control Tower at 2:40 pm. But 2 minutes before, when the plane was about to land, it crashed into a car and a motorcycle. Each vehicle had an individual. Stay tuned to this website for further details and updates.

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