WATCH: Viral video of Bihar Saharsa school, sparks controversy online

The most shocking case occurred recently in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, India. A minor has been raped. This rape case has caused a great shock to everyone. This is a very shameful thing that has been done by one person. And not just because the video of this rape case was leaked on the Internet and is now viral on the web. The victim in this case was a teenage girl from a Bihar school. Bihar Saharsa School’s viral video and MMS have caught everyone’s attention. People are really angry after seeing MMS. This rape case has raised the issue of safety of women, not just Indian women, across the world. There is no safety for the girls and now people are protesting in Bihar demanding justice for the minor. Now read this article to explore everything about this case.

Bihar Saharsa school viral video

A video of Bihar Saharsa school is in the spotlight right now. The video is circulating on various social media platforms. This video is featured on Twitter (X). This is not a normal video. This video contains a very horrible incident. This video has caught the attention of Internet users because it is an MMS video. This is a video of rape of a minor from Bihar, India. Keep reading.

The video contains sexual abuse against a student from Bihar. This has raised the issue of the safety of boys and girls. At this time, most children, especially girls, are really insecure. The government should take strict action against this. In the leaked video, the suspect is clearly seen torturing the girl. The victim’s parents have filed a case which is registered under Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses) POSCO. Scroll down to find out more.

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The identity of the girl has not been revealed due to security measures. Since this case occurred, people have started a hashtag on Twitter (X), #JusticeforBiharGirl. Rape is the biggest crime in the world. Police are currently investigating this case. The defendant has been arrested and is currently in police custody. The suspect should be punished very badly because it is not a normal crime, it is the biggest crime in the whole world. The police should take strict action against all those who rape and abuse children. We all need to protect our children and the other children in front of us because it is our duty to protect each and every child. More information about this case will be revealed soon.

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