Ways to make your survey interesting to take

The savviest business owners know that this is the perfect time to gauge customer satisfaction. It is in your company’s interest to learn as much as possible about the type of shopping experience your customers get with your product or service. For example, Lowes Survey offers an effective and targeted approach to obtaining feedback from its customers.

The trick is learning how to develop a survey that is interesting to your customer. Surveys are time-tested tools for directly asking your customers how they feel about your products or services. So how do you get the most out of your surveys?

Identify your goal

With the internet, smartphones, and social media, it’s easier than ever to survey your base. However, this fact does not automatically guarantee success in any way. Keep in mind that even Fortune 500 companies are not immune to failed surveys.

The idea that you want to improve the overall customer experience is a clear goal. However, it’s easy to get distracted and find yourself wandering through multiple topics. If you’re interested in getting feedback on your product, stick with that.

Find the most effective channel

Since there are multiple ways to deliver a survey to your customers, you’re not limited to just one channel. The essential thing is to monitor the results and evaluate the pros and cons of each channel. Emails are the most effective tactics, but the downside is a diminishing response rate.

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If you have an app or website, you can ask some popup questions, but not all visitors are customers, leading to inaccurate results. Alternatively, you can share a survey via social media, but this channel shares the same drawbacks as a website.

Respect your audience’s time

Wherever you go, you can expect to have a customer service representative. As such, keep that in mind when preparing a survey for your customers. An effective survey would not occupy more than a “minute or two” of the customer’s time.

Most people are put off by the request to take a survey. Even your most loyal customer won’t spend more than a minute or two, if at all, completing a survey of yours. The longer a survey is, the less effective it becomes.

Ask open and neutral questions.

Avoid biasing questions in your favor, rather ask direct questions, but stay out of your customer’s privacy. You can learn a lot by including ‘yes or no’ and multiple choice questions. Adding questions that allow respondents to add answers will tell you something you may not have thought of.

Unintentional questions such as ‘please share your thoughts and comments here’ should also be considered. While it’s natural to want positive feedback, don’t let it lead you to manipulate the survey in your favor. Allow your customers to express their true feelings.

offer an incentive

A research study by Forrester Research found that companies that did not provide an incentive to respondents failed. First, customers didn’t respond to the survey, and the customer experience went off the rails for three years.

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Last words

Every business depends on a survey for a variety of reasons. Surveys allow you to discover the true sentiment of your customers.

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