What did Brent Draper say about the death of Jock Zonfrillo? Reaction Details

The Sunday episode of MasterChef Australia 2023 was a dramatic episode. The ruckus between the final two contestants was the big draw of the entire episode. In the end though, Brent Draper became the winner of the cooking reality show after defeating Rhiannon Anderson. The last episode of the cooking show was divided into 2 challenges and in both challenges, Brent proved his worth by getting a good score. However, not only the victory of the show but the beginning of the episode also attracted the audience. The grand finale episode aired with a loving tribute to favorite judge and celebrity chef Jock Zonfrillo, who left us on the night of the show’s season premiere.

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Brent Draper on the death of Jock Zonfrillo

He was given the final say on the cooking show’s 2023 season, which was overshadowed by the shocking death of the judge and chef. This news was not only shocking to the contestants but also to the audience as no one expected such horrible news. Jock Zonfrillo was supposed to judge the final episode, but he ultimately left us in a state of mourning. Everyone knows Draper emerged as this season’s winner, but the final moments of the show were devoted to the late judge and chef montaging his five years on MasterChef Australia, before delivering his famous line: “For the last time.” -go home, have a cup of tea and be nice to each other. Why did Brent Draper leave MasterChef Australia? reason explained

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The last episode concluded with a montage of Zonfrillo’s moments during the 3 years he had been a judge, before a photo of the cast and crew was projected on the screen. The late chef’s wife shared an emotional post on social media after learning that the show’s finale features a tribute to her late husband. Jock’s widow, Lauren Fried, claims the family would watch the grand finale of Sunday night’s episode, despite the sadness everyone is feeling. She even asked people to watch the show and enjoy it. She claims that the family hadn’t been able to watch this season until now, but they all managed to watch the latest episode. Fact Check: Did Jock Zonfrillo Kill Himself? Reveal cause of death of MasterChef

After watching the episode, many people paid tribute to the late chef and sent their condolences to his family who are totally devastated by his passing. She even asked fans of her late husband to watch the final episode. She said in her social media post that “This is not the end of her husband at all. We have lots of recipes from Jock, from family stuff and from travel.”

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