Why did Brent Draper leave MasterChef Australia? reason explained

Ever since the audience watched the last episode of MasterChef Australia, they are constantly talking about the winner of the show. The winner of this new season is Brent Draper, whose journey is somewhat emotional and motivating. His win on the show proves that true determination can even change destiny. With his unique culinary skills and delicious dishes, he won the hearts of millions of people who celebrate his victory. After winning the show, he has given many interviews to the channel in which he talks about his journey and encourages others to never give up on his dreams.

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Why did Brent Draper leave MasterChef Australia?

This newly crowned winner is the first to admit how challenging his journey was. The interesting fact about this winner is that he previously appeared on the show in 2021, but due to mental health issue, he left the show. Now, after hearing about his win, people want to know more about his previous season’s journey. As we said, he initially appeared on the show’s 13th season, but left the show after informing the judges that he felt he should prioritize his mental health. At that time, his fans were quite upset and worried about him.

But after working on himself, he hit the show in 2023 with a bang. He was ready to face all the difficult challenges assigned by the judges. With each episode, he proved his worth and in the end, he lifted the MasterChef Australia 2023 trophy. He is very excited about his victory and shares his winning story with various media outlets. He recently gave an interview in which he said, “I don’t think you can plan or prepare for something like this, so I’m just enjoying the ride.” He further added that he had everything he wanted to prove with his return.

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He spoke about his 2021 trip, saying that he was not in good shape at the time and that he does not regret leaving that season as during that time his mental health was not good. He felt a lot of pressure and missed his family, which eventually forced him to leave the show. He further said that when he returned to the show this season, he had a lot to face and relive in the first few episodes, but later he decided to face all the challenges and eventually wore the winner’s crown.

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