What does BTB Savage Tattoo mean? The rapper passed away after being shot

BTB Savage was a well known rapper. His tattoos always make headlines and fascinate everyone. It is said that he has been murdered. You will get complete details about rapper BTB Savage in this article. Keep reading for more details. According to sources, BTB Savage was shot and killed in Houston. The news has disappointed his followers. He was at the beginning of his journey and just beginning to create his identity in the industry. The news of his sudden death left everyone shocked. As his tattoos have always been in the headlines. Let’s first understand what his tattoos mean and why he made them.

What does BTB Savage Tattoo mean?

BTB Savage’s tattoos are quite elaborate. His tattoos represent the hard work and struggle he put in to get to where he was. As each tattoo is bold and black, this shows when he takes the stage, he is bold and completely into the music. We don’t have much information about where these tattoos are done. He could have a different meaning for his tattoos and they played an important role in his life. Anyone who permanently dyes a thing on his skin will mean something important in his life. Let’s talk now about the incident that took his life.

wild btb

What happened to wild BTB?

Wild BTB belonged to Houston, Texas. She passed away after being shot. The blood-covered photo of her is uploaded to social media. He passed away a few hours after being shot. The event was most likely an intentional death. They shot him on Thursday. The incident took place near the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston. Forensic Sciences has investigated the case. According to them, Darrel Gentry is the victim. He is a 26 year old boy. His identity is said to match a name of rapper BTB Savage.

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wild btb

An internet company has listed Darrel as a board member of BTB Savage Entertainment. The victim was traveling in a white Mercedes. He had many bullet holes in his car. He passed away on the site. He was the father of a 4-year-old boy. Videos related to his death are going viral. The moment you were shot is recorded and posted online. The video is not clear. he notices that he was walking on a sidewalk. He shot a group. he fell and the group escaped the situation. The video is going viral. Many believe that it should not be published and should be removed out of respect.

While others also say that it should be present on the internet as it is an important piece of evidence in the investigation.

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