What happened to Fergie’s sister, Dana Ferguson? Sister singer died after accident

Fergie’s sister is said to have passed away. What happened to her? The family is mourning the loss of her loved one. You will get complete details about the death of Dana Ferguson in this article. Continue reading for more information.

sister fergie

What happened to Fergie’s sister, Dana Ferguson?

Dana Furguson is said to have passed away. She was the sister of the well-known singer Fergie. She was a housewife living in Los Angeles. She was married to Ryan Sampson. He is a well-known businessman. The couple lived happily and gave birth to two children. Her children are Jagger and Hendrix. Dana was very close to her sister. She supported her journey from the beginning.

He has been successful in the singing industry behind which he had great support from his sister Dana. He also used to accompany her sister in some of her singing shows. She also sings with the enthusiasm of her sister. She took over as the bridesmaid at Fergie’s wedding. She is married to Josh Duhamel.

sister fergie

Fergie’s sister’s accident

They got married in 2009. The singer is the mother of Axl Jack, whose birthday was celebrated when she was seen with him. Dana had been a great pillar of support in Fergie’s life. However, sources or her family have not confirmed her death. There is still a need for confirmation on her death.

She was not very involved in social networks. She has a private account on Instagram, while her husband has not been using Instagram since 2019. Until there is some confirmation from official sources, we cannot confirm her death. We’ll update you as soon as we get more details on her death. This was all about Dana Ferguson and her death obituary. People are curious to know the reason for her sister’s death. Let’s conclude the above.

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sister fergie

Does Fergie have a sister who died? Obituary

The news about the death of the famous singer, Fergie’s sister, is circulating. People are worried and want to know more about her death. According to sources, she is said to have passed away. She had a great bond with her sister, Fergie. However, the news about her death has not yet been confirmed. She always supported her sister in her singing career. She was with me from the start time of her. Fans of her also see her perform along with her in many shows. She looks enthusiastic as she sings. She was married and had two children. Dana will be missed by her loved ones. The family is mourning the loss of her loved one.

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