What happened to Kato Lubwama? Ugandan Comedian Former Lawmaker Dies at 53

The saddest news is here, the most famous Ugandan comedian Kato Lubwama has passed away. This news is going viral on the internet. His fans are in for quite a shock right now. He was also known as Kato Lubwama Mivule. He was a famous comedian, actor, playwright and former member of the Ugandan parliament. As the creator of the Diamonds Ensemble theater company, credited with reviving the form in Uganda, Kato gained notoriety in the 1990s. Lubwama later switched to radio, rising to fame for his work in the CBS FM show Kalisoliso, where he fruitfully collaborated with his peers Abby Mukiibi and Patrick Mujuuka. He entered politics in 2016, winning a seat in parliament for the Rubaga Sur constituency.

What happened to Kato Lubwama?

Kato Lubwama, a former Member of Parliament from Rubaga South, sadly left suddenly. His longstanding heart problem was blamed for the Ugandan comedian’s death, which occurred due to a heart attack. Lubwama reportedly passed away on June 7 at the Stana Medical Center in Bunamwaya due to complications from his condition. An associate and promoter named Andrew Mukasa, also known as Bajjo Events, was the first to break the news of Lubwama’s passing. Many people are mourning the passing of Lubwama, a much-loved personality in the Ugandan entertainment industry. Many people who loved his brilliance and charisma were devastated to learn of his untimely death. Sadly, Kato Lubwama passed away at the age of 52. Lubwama, who was born on August 16, 1970, shared this life with a twin. Unfortunately, Isaac Wasswa, his twin brother, had also perished before Lubwama’s terrible disappearance.

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His family is saddened by the passing of Kato Lubwama. Many people in the world of politics and entertainment were horrified by the abrupt and devastating news, with some rushing to the Stana Medical Center in Bunamwaya, where Lubwama passed away. Social media was being used as a platform for expressions of sympathy for Lubwama’s family. Actor-director John Segawa, one of Lubwama’s close friends, posted a touching message of affection and respect, calling Lubwama his devoted brother and mentor.

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Online, mourners from many walks of life, including other artists, politicians, and fans, have conveyed their sorrows and heartfelt condolences. People can now share their memories of Lubwama and pay homage there thanks to social media. Many people have praised his talent, guidance, and contributions to the entertainment industry in personal anecdotes. Others have expressed their grief at the loss of a loved one and have offered their condolences to Lubwama’s family during this difficult time. So this was all about this case. So, stay tuned for PKB news.

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