What happened to L-gant today? The Argentine singer speaks for the first time after leaving prison

Find out what happened to L-gante today and what the Argentine singer said about his recent freedom after being in prison for a few months.

What happened to L-Ghent today? This is what many are wondering on the internet, since the Argentine singer finally regains his freedom and gave his first statements to the media.

L-Gante, whose real name is Elián Ángel Valenzuela, is a well-known Argentine musician who became famous for his style of urban music and his participation in the Argentine music scene. However, at one point, he became involved in a legal problem that led to his arrest.

The reason for his arrest is related to a case in which he was accused of illegal deprivation of liberty and threats. He was detained for almost three months in the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of Quilmes, a police agency in Argentina. During this period, he was remanded in custody while the allegations against him were investigated.

However, L-Gante eventually regained his freedom after being granted a release from preventive detention. This meant that he was no longer detained and could be released. The musician expressed his happiness at returning to the streets and spoke to the press and his followers after his release.

L-Gante shared from his prison the routine he had when he was deprived of his freedom. Photo: Yahoo Life and Style

After being released, L-Gante planned to spend his first post-freedom days at his manager’s house, while continuing his musical career. His release was a moment of celebration for both him and his followers.

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“I took advantage of this time I was here to toughen myself up mentally and take care of myself a little more, not giving opportunities to bad things and messing with everything I like,” said the singer.

Why was L-Ghent arrested?

The original accusation against L-Gante was related to the unlawful deprivation of liberty and threats directed at two municipal employees, an incident that supposedly occurred outside a bowling alley in General Rodríguez. However, in a development in the investigation, a new allegation was discovered that further complicated his situation.

On June 6, the Buenos Aires Police carried out a raid on L-Gante’s home, located in the Country Banco Provincia de Francisco Álvarez. During the operation, clothing, marijuana and five mobile phones were found, of which three belonged to the singer.

However, what changed the course of events was the discovery that one of those mobile phones had previously been stolen. The original owner of the iPhone provided supporting documentation and provided details about how the damage occurred. This led to L-Gante being charged with the crime of “aggravated concealment” for having a stolen object in his possession.

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