What happened to Majah Hype? Why was he jailed again in Georgia?

News of arrests and news of deaths are the only news making headlines these days. Both news have the ability to drive a lot of traffic to websites and that is why they are sometimes used as clickbait. However, most of these news are listed in rumors, but still, you need to know the authenticity before trusting them. Sometimes ignored things can become reality and make you sad. We have such sad news for you, that you might feel sad. Recently, the news of Majah Hype’s arrest appeared on the web and her fans thought that these news were false rumors and a way to mislead people.

What happened to Majah Hype?

But unfortunately, this time, the news is true and the famous comedian is in custody. We know many of his fans are shocked and eager to find out what exactly happened and what charges were brought against him. We understand people’s curiosity and their interests and that’s why we search about it. As we said before, the news of the comedian’s arrest is true and he faces charges of simple assault and felonies of committing “terrorist acts and threats.” He is still in jail and at the moment, we don’t know when he will be released from prison.

The report states that he has been incarcerated at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Centers located in Georgia for the past 4 days. His fans are worried about him and want him out as soon as possible. According to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, Majah Hype, whose real name is Nigel Theorn Joseph, was arrested and arraigned on February 19, 2023 and is still in custody without bond. It was not immediately clear if the charges were related to a domestic abuse incident. This news has become national news and people are just talking about it.

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Why did Majah Hype go back to jail in Georgia?

In December 2020, his ex-girlfriend Latisha Kirby Farrell made public allegations that the comedian physically assaulted her. This news was quite shocking and hard to believe for many of her fans. How can a person whose job is to make people happy physically harm someone? After these serious accusations, he was arrested in January 2021. After his arrest, Hype faced charges of 2 felony kidnapping, as well as threats and terrorist acts. In addition to this, he was also charged with simple assault, a misconduct offense.

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